Library Summer Camps FAQ

Memphis Public Libraries is excited about the opportunity to present our MPL Summer Camp opportunities. Our staff is excited that you have continued interest in our programs and encourage you to read the FAQ for guidance around our summer camps.

When will applications be accepted?
Applications close at the end of May 2023

Is there a cost associated with the Library Summer Camps?
Memphis Public Libraries’ Summer Camps are free for the youth who have been accepted into the camps. These camps are available for the Greater Memphis area through the Memphis Library Foundation and other generous funding and partnerships.

Are your camps first come/first serve registration camps?
Yes and No. Some of our camps are application based and applicants are selected by the camp’s coordinator. Some are general sign-up camps. If you have questions regarding the expertise needed to apply for a specific camp, please refer to the camp registration site.

Will there be food provided for the camp participants?
Yes! MPL partners with local food options for campers.

Will there be breaks scheduled throughout the camp day?
Yes. There will be multiple breaks built into each camp for participants to use the restroom, make calls, eat a snack, or handle any other needs that they may have.

Is there an age requirement for the camps?
Yes, each camp has an age requirement. You must be the proper age for the designated camp by the start date of the camp. Please refer to the Summer Camp’s page for each camp’s age requirements.

Where do I go to apply to the Library Summer Camp?
Please visit our Summer Camps page

What will the camp participants learn during the Library Summer Camps?
The Memphis Public Libraries has qualified staff dedicated to executing a rigorous and engaging curriculum each day for our summer camp programs. The specific skills, such as music production techniques, coding, art, robotics, and STEM, are different based on each camp and the camp’s goals. Most of our summer camps are project-based. Please refer to the camp’s site for more information.

What is the structure of the Library Summer Camps?
Our camps will be in-person this year. Each summer camp has a different schedule of activities/instruction. Most summer camps will have two facilitators that will teach the participants, as well as an experienced student peer to further aid participants. Memphis Public Libraries’ Librarians will lead some of our camps; however, there will be some camps where outside instructors will teach. Those instructors will have been vetted, undergone background checks, and are approved to teach their specific summer camp. Each Library Summer Camp will start promptly at their designated time and participants will follow structured camp schedules for their assigned programs.

What happens if my child has an emergency?
We will require each camp participant to have an emergency contact form on file before the start of the camp. If there is an emergency, we will contact the proper authorities as well as the emergency contact for the participant.

How can I see the work that my child has done over the course of this camp?
Each camp is structured differently.  For camps where projects are presented, parents will be invited to attend a showcase where they will be able to see their child’s work as well as other projects produced during their child’s camp.  During those showcases, camp participants will give a brief presentation and demonstration of their creations.  Please refer to the camp’s registration site for more information.

Can I apply to more than one camp?
Sure! Most of our summer camps do not require prerequisite knowledge or skills but some do.  Please refer to the camp’s registration site for more information.

I submitted my application, now what?
Applications are reviewed by Memphis Public Libraries’ Camp Coordinators. Participants will be selected on the strength of their application, and if they are deemed to be a good fit for the specific camp that they applied to. 

Some reasons why an application may not be accepted are:

  • The application was not completely filled out.
  • The application was not submitted by the deadline for that particular camp.
  • Insufficient essay responses, any application that failed to thoughtfully and completely respond to the essay questions will not be considered.
  • The applicant is not the proper age for the specific camp.
  • The applicant would like to gain skills/knowledge in an area not covered in the camp.

If my child does not get into a camp, is there a waiting list?
We do offer a waiting list for most of our camps. Please take a look at your official camp notification to see if your child has been placed on a waitlist. Please refer to the camp’s registration site for the appropriate camp coordinator’s information.

I have multiple children that would like to apply for a camp. Do I need to fill out multiple applications?
Yes.  Some camps also require children to answer questions about their knowledge, please have each child answer those questions separately.

I submitted an application and was accepted into a Summer Camp. What happens next?
Congratulations on your child’s acceptance! Parents will receive a camp packet from Memphis Public Libraries along with their acceptance email. This packet will have in-depth information on the particular camp that the child has been accepted into. Camp logistics such as camp dates, times, arrival time, how to dress, and general rules and guidelines for the summer camps will also be listed. If you decide that your child will not be attending, please reach out to the email that was sent to you. We will also follow up with a phone call or text to each parent as a courtesy reminder for the camp that they have confirmed their acceptance and attendance.

What other opportunities do you have for our youth during the summer in the library system?
Memphis Public Libraries is proud to have a number of engaging programs throughout the summer for our youth via our Explore Memphis Summer Programming. Learn more at our Explore Memphis page.

Who can I contact if I’m having technical difficulties with the application or other questions about the camps that are not covered here?
Please refer to the camp’s registration site for the appropriate camp coordinator’s information. The email for CLOUD901’s camps is For other camps the email is

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