Virtual Escape Rooms

This Halloween the staff at the Memphis Public Libraries have created two horror filled Virtual Escape Rooms for you to enjoy. The first, Internet Urban Legends takes you into the terrifying world of urban legends. Are these stories merely myth or something far more real? Our second Delirium, will show you the horrors that dwell in your own mind.

Internet Urban Legends

Have you ever dreamed of a shadowy figure? This horror-themed virtual escape room asks participants to investigate the ShadowSource website, where people from all across the world discuss their haunting experiences with an ominous shadowy figure. Solve puzzles and riddles to get one step closer to finding the truth about this creepy urban legend. Best suited for ages 13+.


Experience one of Memphis Public Libraries’ scariest Virtual Escape Rooms as you witness the horrors of your own fears manifest in this twilight zone! Trapped in a blank white room in The Facility, you have to either trust the mysterious “doctors” behind the one way window, or the voices in your head. Most escape rooms convince you to leave, but what happens when leaving may lead to your demise? The worst prison to be trapped in is the one of the mind, and this psychological thriller will leave you never believing what you see again.