Virtual Escape Rooms

Enjoy these Virtual Escape Rooms created by our dedicated Library staff. These VER’s are geared towards a teen audience and don’t require previous knowledge of the source materials.

Star Wars 2021

On the far reaches of the galaxy, beneath the nose of the new republic, one of the few remaining Jedi masters has taken up refuge. Under their supervision, a small group of padawans have been selected to continue the Jedi tradition. Among that group is you, young warrior.

Start you journey as you enjoy this Star Wars themed Virtual Escape Room.

Pirates Raid!

Find the many side quests hidden within the Escape Room, but don’t get too bogged down. Remember your main journey is to use your new found knowledge to unlock the LOCKS of the pirates chest in the final act and discover what treasures await you!

Seasonings Greetings! Food literacy VER

It all began when your grandmother came to visit last week. As always, she brought a batch of her homemade holiday sugar cookies. You had a few left over from her visit, so you decided to bring some to school to share with your friends. That was your first mistake. At the bus stop, you ran into Marvin Jackson, the notoriously loud-mouthed but universally-loved class clown, and you offered him a cookie. That was your second mistake.

By the time you got to school, you had already received several texts from friends eager to try your cookies. Somehow, though, it must have been lost in translation that your grandmother baked them… You really should have mentioned that. Third mistake.

You were now known as the best cook in school. By the end of fifth period, there was an invitation taped to your locker. An invitation to a holiday dinner party. At your house. Hosted by you.


Experience one of Memphis Public Libraries’ scariest Virtual Escape Rooms as you witness the horrors of your own fears manifest in this twilight zone! Trapped in a blank white room in The Facility, you have to either trust the mysterious “doctors” behind the one way window, or the voices in your head. Most escape rooms convince you to leave, but what happens when leaving may lead to your demise? The worst prison to be trapped in is the one of the mind, and this psychological thriller will leave you never believing what you see again.


Have you ever dreamed of a shadowy figure? This horror-themed virtual escape room asks participants to investigate the ShadowSource website, where people from all across the world discuss their haunting experiences with an ominous shadowy figure. Solve puzzles and riddles to get one step closer to finding the truth about this creepy urban legend. Best suited for ages 13+.

Memphis Murder Mystery

How it all started…

It’s a dreary Sunday afternoon, and you are still in bed. You’ve wasted away most of the morning staring at the ceiling. When you finally get up out of bed and start the day you discover something dreadful in the morning paper…

The 12 Labors of the Gods

You stand before the gods requesting their respect because you are moral, honest, and intelligent; and you wish it to be known. Had you been Percy Jackson, Tristan Strong, Aru Shah, Kim Min, Nizhoni Begay, Zane Obispo or any other Half-Blood, this request would’ve been a no-brainer!

But you are just a mortal. The gods, cackling at you, request twelve “labors” to prove your worth. If you finish all twelve labors, then they promise you a most coveted treasure: A box said to hold secrets only Zeus himself knows…

Star Wars: Episode MMXX

The First Order has fallen. Having brought peace back to the Republic, the Resistance remains in the shadows to monitor peace throughout the galaxy.

50 years after the Battle of Yavin, the Resistance intercept a coded message. It appears a new, unknown, Sith Lord means to take control of the galaxy. The Resistance, led by Commander Zeth Halcyon, recruits you for your first solo mission…

Prior Star Wars knowledge is not necessary. Use ALL tools provided to overcome each obstacle, riddle, or question you face!