Dr. Edmund Ford Jr. Brings the Ease of Financial Literacy to the Masses in New Workshop Series

January 3, 2019 – Former City Council member, now Financial Literacy Coordinator, Dr. Edmund Ford Jr., brings his far-reaching message of money management to the masses this winter with the start of his 5-part financial wellness and success workshops. Hosted by the Memphis Public Library, Dr. Ford plans to outline and detail various components of finance such as credit repair, easy investing, finding scholarships, home ownership via NACA, building generational wealth and much more.

Dr. Ford, a former mathematics teacher and doctoral recipient, has been highly vocal about the power of financial literacy to change lives and communities. Open to children and adults alike, Dr. Ford believes the key to personal success is to start with the youth. “We just can’t talk to grown-ups,” Dr. Ford says, “We have to talk to those already in the school system. We have to get to the 12 and 13 year old. You have to give them at least some idea of what skill set is required to go ahead and start investing early so he or she can either teach the grown-ups or, by the time they get a particular age and they have children, can teach their children and their children can teach their children.”

‘The Rules to the Game’ as he refers to it, aims to simplify concepts many often see as overly complicated in order to make money management a more enjoyable experience. By utilizing mobile apps and sharing little known finance secrets, Dr. Ford’s workshops aim to remove the stress and confusion from a topic so many have grown to fear.

Beginning in January and culminating in April during Financial Literacy month, Dr. Ford plans to spread his message city-wide, hosting classes at various library branches. Classes begin Saturday, January 19th at the Whitehaven Library and are open to the public with no registration required. Interested participants may contact their local branch for more info or Dial 2-1-1 for locations and times, or you may click here for time and locations.