Goodwill is Hiring

Memphis Goodwill is seeking floating donation center attendants. Starting pay $13/hour for a Full-Time position. Must have a valid driver’s license and be able to travel to multiple sites.


Under the supervision of the ADC Manager; the ADC Attendant wiII accept and sort donations from donors. The ADC Attendant wiII process and secures donations until picked up by GoodwiII Transportation Department.


1. Demonstrate good Customer Service. Greet donors upon arrival outside the ADC. Review the donor’s merchandise and make the decision to accept or reject it. Provide the donor with a receipt, if requested, and always thank them for the donations. Wear vest and/or name tags and always demonstrate to the donor that you are “Goodwill”.

2. Process donations. Floater will process donations according to ADC Processing Procedures (i.e. items in appropriate carts; make sure shoes have a band; wraps cords around electrical items; make sure donations are kept in separate carts.

3. Demonstrate enthusiasm and loyalty. Arrive at assigned work area promptly and according to schedule. Must call into the ADC daily. Ability to remain in the c work area except for breaks. Must notify superior when it is necessary to be away from area.

4. Maintain cleanliness at ADC. Sweep inside of the center when all carts are pulled out. Must keep inside and outside of ADC clean and orderly. Will break down all empty boxes; keep clean desktop; if possible, keep all donations inside ADC; trash must be kept in designated containers; keep ADC grounds clean at all times; keep cart tags on all carts.

6. Maintain a safe and secure ADC. Ensure a clear understanding of and adhere to safety rules at all times as they apply to the job assigned. Report all accidents to your supervisor the same day they occur and according to safety procedures. Place “Time Returning” sign in plain view when leaving ADC unattended for breaks and lunch. Secure ADC at the end of the day.

7. Demonstrate initiative. Assist truck personnel with loading and unloading trucks. Notify the supervisor of any needed supplies, truck service, and maintenance your center requires.

8. Other duties as assigned by the supervisor

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