Meet the Candidates 2023-10-05

Informed Voter – Meet the Candidates

Thursday October 5, 2023 Memphis Mayor and Memphis City Council

You will vote for Mayor and 4 different City Council members. Why four? The City Council essentially has 2 layers of districts. There are 7 Districts that cover the entire city with 1 member each. There are ALSO 2 Super Districts that cover the entire city with 3 members each. Therefore, you belong to one District (with 1 council member) and one Super District (with 3 council members).

The objective of this Meet the Candidates page is to provide links to official campaign websites that hold details about the candidate (donation only sites not posted) and campaign Facebook pages so that voters can begin to research their options. If we are missing one, please let us know!

The Shelby County Election site has all of the information for registration, district info, early voting, and more. Visit their page for more details.


Carnita Atwater

Jennings Bernard

Floyd Bonner

Joe Brown

Kendra C. Calico

Karen Camper

Frank Colvett

  • Withdrawn

George Shea Flinn, Jr.

  • Withdrawn

J.W. Gibson

Reggie Hall

James Harvey

Willie Herenton

Michelle McKissack

Brandon A. Price

Justina Ragland

Tekeva “Keva” Shaw

Van Turner

Derek Winn

Paul A. Young

City Council District 1

Kymberly Kelley

Rhonda Logan

City Council District 2

Keith L. Burks

Will Frazier

Jerri Green

Scott McCormick

Rodanial Ray Ransom

Marvin White

City Council District 3

Ricky Dixon

James Kirkwood

Kawanias “Kaye” McNeary

Towanna C. Murphy

Pearl Eva Walker

City Council District 4

Teri Dockery

Jana Swearengen-Washington

City Council District 5

Luke Hatler

Meggan Wurzburg Kiel

Philip Spinosa

City Council District 6

Keith D. Austin II

Edmund H. Ford Sr.

Larry Hunter

City Council District 7

Edward Douglas

Michalyn Easter-Thomas

Jimmy Hassan

Jarrett “JP” Parks

Dee Reed

Austin Rowe

Larry Springfield

City Council Super District 8 Position 1

JB Smiley Jr.

City Council Super District 8 Position 2

Marion LaTroy A-Williams Jr

  • Website
  • Facebook

Davin D. Clemons

Janika White

City Council Super District 8 Position 3

Berlin F. Boyd

Lucille Catron

Yolanda Cooper-Sutton

Brian Harris

Damon Curry Morris

Jerred Price

Paul Randolph, Jr.

City Council Super District 9 Position 1

Chase Carlisle

Benji Smith

City Council Super District 9 Position 2

Ford Canale

Brandon D. Washington

City Council Super District 9 Position 3

Jeff Warren