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We have a number of resources for business research, job search and development. Browse our options below. We’ve listed our most popular resources first but be sure to review all the options:

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Job Search, Training

joblinc mobile career center

JobLINC is the Library’s mobile job and career center and helps job seekers locate employment opportunities. It also helps employers find workers. Visit the JobLINC page for more information including the JobLINC schedule and their list of current job openings.

Business Assistance, Job Search

reference usa

ReferenceUSA is a comprehensive collection of databases and tools to help you start and run a business, connect to consumers, find a job and more. Databases include:

U.S. Businesses: Business directory constantly updated.

U.S. New Businesses: Business directory limited to new companies.

U.S. Healthcare: Business directory limited to the healthcare industry.

U.S. Historical Businesses: Business directory including historical data back to 1997 in order to research trends.

U.S. Jobs and Internships: ReferenceUSA has partnered with to bring over 2.5 million jobs to the U.S. Jobs and Internships database. Patrons can find jobs all over the country and search by: job title, company name, business type, job type, multiple geography options, and more. In addition to the database, we offer comprehensive job tools such as resume writing tips, cover letter examples, interview tips, continuing education materials, searching tips, salary estimates, and much more.

U.S. Standard White Pages: Household directory.

U.S. Consumer/Lifestyles: Demographic and lifestyle attributes for marketing and research.

U.S. New Movers and Homeowners: This file is compiled from marketing sources and deeds of warranty and trusts filed with county recorder offices. You can select new movers in conjunction with age, income, marital status, mail order buyers, mail responsive, or any other available demographics.

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Training Material:

  • Once logged in, select “Learning Center” at the top-right to access documents, webinars, and more.

Training video tutorials is a premier online learning resource offering more than 3,400 courses covering technical skills, creative techniques, business strategies, personal finance, and more.

This includes courses and videos on MS Office, resume writing, and interview techniques.

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testing & education reference center

Testing & Education Reference Center can help guide patrons and students in a number of areas: test prep, college planning, financial aid tools, career development, and international tools.

This includes the Visual CVResume Creator tool that walks you through the resume process. Click HERE to access Visual CVResume Creator.

A full list of test is listed HERE.

Business Assistance, Job Search

small business resource center

Located in the Business/Science Department of the Central Library, the Small Business Center is geared to serve the potential small business owner, the recently-licensed entrepreneur and the established small business operator. Find out more information about this center as well as links to other resources.

Or, check out ebooks and eaudiobooks by visiting the Small Business Center Collection on OverDrive.

Business Assistance

small business collection (Overdrive)

Visit this special collection of Small Business eBooks from our OverDrive eBook service.

Additionally, OverDrive includes a number of Career eBooks to assist in your job search.

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business & finance magazines

Check out business and finance magazines such as Entrepreneur Magazine, The Economist, MoneyWeek and more.

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business, job, and career events

Here is a list of upcoming events:

Linc/2-1-1 community information

Our LINC/2-1-1 Community Information Database includes several resources for those looking for a job or starting/running a business:

Business Assistance

business insights: essentials

Gale Business Insights: Essentials delivers authoritative company and industry information, articles, and statistical data. Students, business owners, entrepreneurs, marketing professionals, investors, financial planners, and general researchers can explore real-world applications and develop analytical skills.

Training Material:

Business Assistance, Job Search, Training

grow with google

Grow with Google is partnering with the Memphis Public Libraries and various organizations across the nation to provide free training, tools, and events to help you grow your skills, career, or business. There are also a new collection of resources called the Remote Work Hub to help people communicate, learn, teach, and work from home.

Job Search

career transitions

Career Transitions is an online career guidance center that walks users through the job-search process from beginning to end. It brings together all the tools needed to explore and take the leap to a new career. Career Transitions employs a step-by-step approach to help people: 1) explore new career possibilities; 2) assess their interests and experience; 3) identify ways to improve their prospects, including networking and education; 4) prepare for a job search; and 5) search and apply for jobs.

Business Assistance

gale directory library

The Gale Directory Library is the online version of four quintessential directories: 1) Brands and Their Companies; 2) Encyclopedia of Associations: National Organizations of the U.S.; 3) Gale Directory of Publications and Broadcast Media; 4) Scholarships, Fellowships & Loans.

Business Assistance

business: gale onefile

Gale OneFile: Business contains full-text coverage of all business disciplines, including accounting, economics, finance, marketing, management and strategy, and business theory and practice. Users will understand the activities of companies and industries worldwide through leading business and trade publications, which are updated daily. Complementing these titles is a selection of international, U.S., and regional news publications.

Business Assistance

economics and theory: gale onefile

Gale OneFile: Economics and Theory offers a strong emphasis on titles covered in the EconLit bibliographic index. This content is useful for starting a business, marketing a product, developing policy, analyzing trends, constructing economic models, investing for the future, researching rates, and more.

Business Assistance

entrepreneurship: gale business

Search Gale Business: Entrepreneurship to learn how to plan, fund, start or manage your small business. Resources include; sample business plans, how to guides, articles, and websites.

Business Assistance

insurance and liability: gale onefile

Gale OneFile: Insurance and Liability addresses concerns over the protection of assets, physical or intellectual, ranging from the individual property owner to multinational corporations. Insurance and Liability connects researchers to hundreds of thousands of updated articles from leading journals.


leadership and management: gale onefile

Gale OneFile: Leadership and Management provides access to authoritative periodical content covering such topics as 21st-century skills, organizational dynamics and leadership, adult learning and continuing education, and more. Updated daily, this library resource is useful for researchers or any professional interested in career development.

Job Search

vocations and careers: gale onefile

Gale OneFile: Vocations and Careers aids users in researching a vocation, finding an appropriate institution of learning, job searching, and maintaining a career. Vocations and Careers offers hundreds of current and applicable periodicals ranging from general career guides to highly specialized industry journals.


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