Memphis Public Library has openings!

The following positions are open in the Library Division.
  • JobLINC Specialist (Part-Time) (ID: 2200000324)ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS: Works under general supervision of the JobLINC Manager or Senior Human Resources Manager to provide reference services, programming, community information. Plans coordinates, and implements program, activities, and services in the area of the job and career development and life-ling learning. Cultivates relationships with community, public, academic and government partners. Recommends appropriate reading materials for adults, teens and children to library management. Works in teams with various library personnel to perform professional library service, such as assisting customers with computers, identifying books in a collection, etc. Works collaboratively with Library staff, City of Memphis staff and community partners to generate and implement programs throughout the Library system and Memphis area. Creates and conducts workshops and presentations for customers, community partners, business leaders and other stakeholders. Researches current trends in outreach, workforce development and career readiness so that programs and services are in line with community interest and needs. Assists with organizing and implementing events such as careers fairs and seminars. Participates in professional activities and training to strengthen skills, and to provide timely workforce development. Drives to various locations to participate on library committees and in community activities as assigned.
  • Virtual Digital Coordinator (Appointed) (ID: 2200000474)ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS: Works under the general direction of the Virtual Digital Branch Manager to create and update content on various platforms in order to improve user experience and access to library services. Coordinates the library services that are provided online, including electronic collections, event calendars, website content, and other virtual/ digital services. Assists customers and staff with accessing and using virtual digital services, either through training or direct assistance. Creates and updates content on various platforms in order to improve user experience and provide access to library services. Researches best practices and solutions to maintain and improve functionality, accessibility, and user experience. Collaborates with the IT division to ensure adequate back-up procedures and to resolve technical issues. Creates content to better direct customers to virtual digital services. Initiates and implements alterations to the website to improve user experience when needed. Coordinates with Library Information Systems to develop web services strategy. Serves as first point of contact for website users, including virtual, on-site and staff. Communicates with IT Division, marketing staff, and vendors as needed. Provides programming or training around virtual digital services. Collaborates with staff at all levels throughout the Library division to see how the services can best advance library objectives. Assists with customer concerns and issues about virtual digital services and resolves them accordingly. Provides alterations to the website to improve user experience.
  • Public Service Specialist (Part-Time) Continuous Posting (ID: 2200000485)

ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS: Works under general supervision of an Agency Manager or other designated supervisory personnel. Woks in a team environment to provide exceptional customer service that is in line with the Library’s Brand Promises (Welcoming, Fresh & Fun, Helpful, and Transformative). Plans, coordinates, develops, and implements library programs and community outreach activities, including STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) development, career development, cultural enrichment, life-long learning, and literacy development. Provides public information and readers’ advisory services. Works at various library agencies to assist with the collection and development of library materials. Recommends appropriate reading materials and collection resources to library management. Works in teams with various library personnel to perform professional library services, such as assisting customers with computers, identifying materials in a collection, etc. Provides basic circulation desk services, as needed. Lifts and carries books, supplies, or materials to assist customers. Stocks library shelves with books and reading materials. Assists in training staff and volunteers, as assigned.

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