MLGW Opportunities

Advise customers on Division’s credit policies and answer customer’s questions concerning
commercial deposits, delinquent accounts, discounts and rates; order services connected or
disconnected; and grant or refuse credit
Must pass Division Data Entry Exercises, Group C. Must successfully complete Placement
(Group 007 “Customer Contact Representatives”)/Performance Exercises. Must successfully
complete Customer Service Simulation Test.
Works inside and outside under good conditions. Periodically required to drive to paying
agencies. Subject to light lifting and stress associated with handling customers using abusive
language. A driver’s license from state of residence.

Apply advanced-level business and information technology system practices and/or project
management methodology in the performance of the job. Assess, plan, design, develop,
configure, execute, install, maintain, or modify enterprise systems, web applications, network
and or personal computer operating systems, relational database management system, utilities,
and related software. Facilitate the investigation of requests for information system studies to
determine their merit and recommend acceptance, rejection, or alternative solution.
Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Information Systems or Business with a
concentration in Information Systems or Math with a concentration in Computer Science or
Bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 12 hours college accredited Information Technology or
Information Systems. Must have at least six (6) years experience and met proficiency
requirements. Must have at least one (1) year of demonstrated experience as the primary
support person for a particular system or application and at least demonstrated knowledge and
skills in one (1) or more of the fields below. Experience and knowledge requirements will vary
according to area and departmental needs. Must have a valid driver’s license from state of
Database: Oracle
Web Development: HTML, REST, API, PHP, Object Oriented
Programming, Symfony, JSON, BootStrap, LARAVEL, SAML
Applications Programming: Java
Works inside under good conditions. Subject to sitting for long periods of time at computer
terminals, eye fatigue, grasping/ reaching for technical manuals/printouts and distinguishing
color, and occasional light lifting, bending, stooping/crouching to load computer equipment,
paper and carry materials.

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