MLGW Seeks Water Treatment Operator II


OPENING DATE: May 28, 2022
CLOSING DATE: June 3, 2022
Duties: Inspect/service remote controlled pumping stations; record meter
readings; replace chlorine, fluoride and phosphate and adjust chemical
dosage as needed; operate pumping stations manually when needed;
receive/unload chemicals; extract data from the Human-Machine
Interface (HMI) to create reports; and service Backwash Monitoring
Must have successfully completed Placement (Group 03A “Mechanics”)/
Performance Exercises and Physical Abilities Test, Level IV (Gen IV).
Must have Tennessee Grade IV Water Treatment Operator’s License.
Must successfully complete NIMS Training within one year of entering
job. Must successfully complete Hazardous Waste Operator training
within one year of entering job. Must have a valid driver’s license from
state of residence.
Works inside/outside pumping stations under fairly good conditions most
of the time but must walk water pumping station grounds to collect data
and inspect machinery/equipment. Subject to hazards of noise, operating
machines, corrosive and poisonous chemicals, pipes under pressure, low
voltage shock, walking, climbing stairs, medium lifting, distinguishing
colors related to various tests, and weather conditions.

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