OverDrive App

Getting Started with the Overdrive App
1. Get free Overdrive App from the App Store (iOS), Google Play (Android), or Amazon App Store (Kindle Fire). Downloads for various devices found here.
2. Launch the app and authorize the app by creating an OverDrive ID (or signing in with a previous OverDrive ID). You can also authorize the app with a Library Card Number or via Facebook.
3. Once open, select the app’s menu button at the top-left and select Add a library. Search for Memphis Public Library, select and star it.
Download eBooks
4. Select the menu button and select Memphis Public Library
5. Check out: Choose a book; Borrow; Sign in with your Library Card & PIN; Go to Checkouts; Select EPUB from the Download or Add to App drop down menu; Confirm and Download.
6. Read: Select the app’s menu button at the top-left and tap Bookshelf. Tap a title to begin reading.
7. Return early: From the Bookshelf, press and hold a book cover and Return.
More detailed Help guides.