Thinking Money for Kids Released by ALA and FINRA

From the American Library Association:

The American Library Association (ALA), in partnership with the FINRA Investor Education Foundation, has released a collection of free online games to teach children basic financial skills related to earning, saving and spending money.

The four interactive games — part of a series called Thinking Money for Kids and available at — are designed for children ages 7 to 11 but are appropriate for other ages as well.

Games include:

Earning It: Follow the paths of characters Grace, Emma, and Kenji to see how their childhood interests translate into successful careers and opportunities to “give back” by volunteering.

Balance My Budget: Make choices about how to meet basic needs and treat yourself with a splurge here and there, while sticking to a monthly budget.

Money Trail: Starting with $500 in your bank account, make decisions about how to earn and spend.

Let’s Deal: Hear from buyers and vendors at a farmers’ market as they swap goods and learn about money.

Play the Thinking Money for Kids games now!

This game is part of the larger “Thinking Money” series from ALA and FINRA. A travelling exhibition visited the Memphis Public Libraries in 2017.

To support that effort at the time, we created a Dig Memphis exhibit, “A Financial Expedition through Memphis” where you can learn about Banks and Loans, Consumer Prices, and more through the lenses of Memphis history. For instance, learn about Consumer Price increases by comparing a Pete and Sam’s menu from the 2000s from a Pete and Sam’s menu from 1958.

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