Youth Villages seeks Behavioral Youth Counselor Assistant

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Youth Villages has been a national leader in the implementation of research-based treatment philosophies in the field of children’s mental and behavioral health. Our commitment to helping troubled children and their families find success spans 30+ years and includes a comprehensive array of programs and services. 

If you are looking for a positive career move where you are meeting the challenges of life and striving to make a positive difference, then Youth Villages is the place for you. We are looking for people with a strong sense of purpose and focus to continually build confidence in yourself and our organization.


Program Overview

Youth Villages’ Residential Treatment programs serve children with emotional and behavioral problems.  Our residential campuses provide the setting for an intensive treatment program that combines the unique balance of structure and freedom. This enables children and their families to identify, understand and cope with their individual needs and develop the skills necessary to succeed in less restrictive settings.  We have three different types of facilities—Intensive Residential Centers, Open Campuses, and Group Homes.  Located in Tennessee and Georgia, all of these facilities utilize the Re-Education of Emotionally Disturbed Children therapy model (Re-Ed). 

Position Overview

The Behavioral Youth Counselor Assistant, also known as Teacher Counselor Assistant:

  • Teaches children necessary life skills and provide for their physical daily care for youth in our residential facilities and group homes. 
  • Participates in client transports to various locations
  • Participates in recreation therapy with children.
  • Improves children’s behavior through coping skills and other therapeutic interventions.

Additional Information

  • Staff in this role typically work 3 week days and 1 weekend day in the afternoons & evenings, from approximately 1pm -10:30pm
  • Schedule varies by campus and will be discussed in depth with a hiring manager
    • Some campuses also require that TCAs spend the night once or twice a week on the campus and have additional responsibility for waking the residents and helping direct their morning routine. There are also campuses that do not require overnights.  

The supervision and treatment of youth requires prolonged periods of walking and standing and physical agility. May be required to run and climb flights of stairs. Must be able to participate in physical interventions with youth when necessary. Must frequently lift and/or move up to 50 pounds, and occasionally lift and/or move more than 100 pounds.

Will be required to complete Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) and CPR training.

Applicants are required to pass an agility and strength evaluation.

Applicants must have valid driver license.

Average Annual Salary

$42000 – $47000 / year based on schedule and hours worked

Time-and-a-half pay for worked holidays



High School Diploma or GED required

Experience working/volunteering with youth, corrections, or police work preferred

Excellent written, verbal, and oral skills
Ability to manage multiple priorities simultaneously
Basic computer knowledge
Ability to maintain a flexible schedule.

Covid-19 Vaccine Requirement

As of October 15, 2021, Youth Villages has required the COVID-19 vaccine for all employees, excluding those with an approved medical or religious exemption, as a condition of employment to help ensure the safety of all employees and youth and families served.

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