Memphis Bicentennial: 1819-2019


Visit the Dig Memphis, Memphis Streetscapes Collection page.

Memphis Streetscapes Collection

It only takes one glance at a photo of Front Street in the 1890s to see how much Memphis has changed… and how so many things have remained the same! This collection includes images of Memphis streets from the late-19th century to the late-20th century. It’s also a great place to find pictures of homes, buildings, streetcars, automobiles and businesses. Enjoy a trip through historic Memphis!

Dig Memphis image of Memphis from the 1900's.

Memphis Bicentennial: A Timeline

Explore 200 years of Memphis history with this interactive timeline. See how the city and its residents persevered through the hardships of disease and floods, battled the injustices of slavery and discrimination, and celebrated achievements in business and the arts. Memphis’ past comes alive through photographs, documents, music, and videos, all illustrating the evolution of the city that we call home.

Memphis Then & Now

Have you ever wondered just how much a familiar street has changed over time or looked at an old building and speculated about what changes it may have undergone? Inspired by images found in our digital archives, we have gone out and recreated photographs from Memphis’ past to illustrate how the city has transformed. Use the digital slider to examine old and new images, comparing Memphis of the past to Memphis today.

Bicentennial Events @ the Library

Bicentennial Events @ the Library

There’s always something new happening at the Libraries! Join us as we celebrate the Memphis Bicentennial and shed light on the two hundred year history of the city of Memphis. The Library will be hosting programs showcasing some of our unique, historical material and sharing stories from our city’s past. Check here to see what events are coming up next!

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