An Interactive Literacy Space for Families

DiscoverREAD is a rich environment that engages children and caregivers in fun and meaningful learning activities that meet the developmental needs of children ages birth to five. The spaces are designed for caregivers to help children build early literacy skills and enter kindergarten ready to succeed. Our vision is families reading, talking, and playing together for a more literate Memphis. 

What will you find at DiscoverREAD?

  • Hand-on activities for children (ages birth to five) and their caregivers to enjoy together.
  • Opportunities to build early literacy skills through talking, reading, playing, singing, and writing.
  • Access to technology that can be used to enhance learning.
  • Information on library programs for the whole family, community resources, and ideas for continuing learning at home.

What are the benefits of using DiscoverREAD?

  • PLAYING: Children learn about language through different kinds of play. Play helps connect spoken and written words to real objects and experiences. It helps children express themselves and put thoughts into words.
  • TALKING: Talking, telling stories, and stretching conversations teaches children new words and information. It strengthens the relationship between child and caregiver.
  • READING: Reading aloud and talking to children about books promotes brain development and builds a strong foundation for future reading and learning.
  • WRITING: Connecting printed letters to spoken words prepares children for learning to read. Drawing and scribbling develops fine motor skills needed to write.
  • SINGING: Singing to or with your child develops listening skills. It slows down language so children can hear the different sounds that make up words.

What should I know before visiting DiscoverREAD?

  • The key to building early literacy skills and preparing children for kindergarten is your interaction with your child.
  • Children must be actively monitored by a caregiver age 12 or older at all times.
  • Library staff are not responsible for supervising children inside DiscoverREAD.
  • Caregivers are responsible for monitoring the behavior of young children in their care.
  • There is no cost for visiting DiscoverREAD and the spaces are open during regular library branch hours.

Locations and Hours

Continue to check back to follow the status of DiscoverREAD spaces at your local Memphis Public Libraries.

Resources for Caregivers