CLOUD901 Features

Audio Production Lab

Lay down the next hit track to come out of Memphis. Record and produce audio using sound isolation booths and professional sound mixing equipment.
Not currently sponsored

cloud901 audio lab

Video Production Lab

See yourself on (or behind) the big screen. Record and produce videos using professional grade equipment, lighting, and a green screen, and prepare your Oscar speech (don’t forget to include the library!).
Not currently sponsored

cloud901 video lab

Play Café

Do what you can’t do anywhere else in the library: eat and drink (with respect to equipment of course).
Sponsored by Dot Neale and Doug Ferris

The Collaboration Zone

Write on walls and take collaboration for school projects (or a rousing game of hangman) to a whole new level.
Sponsored by GP Memphis Cellulose

Brainstorming Zone

Be creative in this free space, with seating, books, and materials, putting ideas to thoughts, and thinking outside the clouds!
Sponsored by AutoZone

Homework Central

Study, do homework and take time to focus and practice what you’re learning.
Sponsored by The Canale Foundation

The Lounge

Use this space formally and informally.
Sponsored by The Belz Family


Work with laser cutters, tools, 3D printers, and more making all types of art, projects, and more.
Supported by FedEx Corporation



Showcase your art, digital projects, sound tracks, videos, and more in this display area.
Sponsored by Friends of the Library/Lichterman Loewenberg Foundation

Gaming Zone

Challenge friends to a game, and learn to create a game using your coding skills!
Sponsored by The Memphis Grizzlies Foundation

Performance Stage

Dance, sing, slam, or practice your political speeches in the center-stage. Invite friends and family to see your performances live during scheduled performances.
Not currently sponsored

Art Studio

Channel your inner Picasso. Create artwork using a broad range of traditional media: charcoal, paint, pastels, etc.
Sponsored by The Children’s Foundation

Dream Catcher Space

Relax and be inspired by the constellations. Think big thoughts!
Sponsored by Orion Federal Credit Union

cloud901 dream station

Dream Store

Get support, print and more at this “Genius bar”.
Sponsored by Honey Scheidt & Lawson Arney

Rebecca’s Hi Tech Tree House

Dabble in graphic design using Adobe Suite, animate the next hit video game, or build your own website.
Sponsored by Ellen Klyce and Brig Klyce

Information Desk/Tool Check-Out

Check in, get needed equipment, and sign up for workshops/mentors, etc.
Sponsored by Ron and Jan Coleman

Gadget Garage

Where the all-important CLOUD901 equipment will be stored and charged.
Sponsored by Society for Information Management (SIM)