CLOUD901 Features

  • Audio Production Lab (not currently sponsored): Lay down the next hit track to come out of Memphis. Record and produce audio using sound isolation booths and professional sound mixing equipment.

cloud901 audio lab

  • Video Production Lab (not currently sponsored): See yourself on (or behind) the big screen. Record and produce videos using professional grade equipment, lighting, and a green screen, and prepare your Oscar speech (don’t forget to include the library!).

cloud901 video lab

  • Play Café (sponsored by Dot Neale and Doug Ferris): Do what you can’t do anywhere else in the library: eat and drink (with respect to equipment of course).
  • The Collaboration Zone (sponsored by GP Memphis Cellulose): Write on walls and take collaboration for school projects (or a rousing game of hangman) to a whole new level.
  • Brainstorming Zone (sponsored by AutoZone): Be creative in this free space, with seating, books, and materials, putting ideas to thoughts, and thinking outside the clouds!
  • Homework Central (sponsored by The Canale Foundation): Study, do homework and take time to focus and practice what you’re learning.
  • The Lounge (sponsored by The Belz Family): Use this space formally and informally.
  • Makerspace (supported by FedEx Corporation): Work with laser cutters, tools, 3D printers, and more making all types of art, projects, and more.


  • Gallery (sponsored by Friends of the Library/Lichterman Loewenberg Foundation): Showcase your art, digital projects, sound tracks, videos, and more in this display area.
  • Gaming Zone (sponsored by The Memphis Grizzlies Foundation): Challenge friends to a game, and learn to create a game using your coding skills!
  • Performance Stage (not currently sponsored): Dance, sing, slam, or practice your political speeches in the center-stage. Invite friends and family to see your performances live during scheduled performances.
  • Art Studio (sponsored by The Children’s Foundation): Channel your inner Picasso. Create artwork using a broad range of traditional media: charcoal, paint, pastels, etc.
  • Dream Catcher Space (sponsored by Orion Federal Credit Union): Relax and be inspired by the constellations. Think big thoughts!

cloud901 dream station

  • Dream Store (sponsored by Honey Scheidt & Lawson Arney): Get support, print and more at this “Genius bar”.
  • Rebecca’s Hi Tech Tree House (sponsored by Ellen Klyce and Brig Klyce): Dabble in graphic design using Adobe Suite, animate the next hit video game, or build your own website.
  • Information Desk/Tool Check-Out (sponsored by Ron and Jan Coleman): Check in, get needed equipment, and sign up for workshops/mentors, etc.
  • Gadget Garage (sponsored by Society for Information Management (SIM): Where the all-important CLOUD901 equipment will be stored and charged.

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