Marilyn reviews THE GREAT PEARL HEIST by Molly Caldwell Crosby, Berkely Books, 2012

There was a time in the early 1900s when an Englishman, Max Mayer, was the proud owner of the most valuable necklace in the world. Unfortunately, the jewelry was stolen from Mayer by the infamous Gizzard and his gang of thieves, and the pearls are shipped to France the summer of 1913. The Scotland Yard was entrusted to hunt down and recover this most valuable strand of pearls.

If the pearls are found, how will the Gizzard gang be brought to justice in this time before World War I? Exposing details of the theft and hopeful recovery, Memphis author Molly Caldwell Crosby spins another fascinating tale with plenty of plot twists and turns

If you want to read about the breathtaking details about another unsolved mystery that is over 100 years old, please check out THE GREAT PEARL HEIST by local author, Molly Caldwell Crosby.