Andrea reviews You Don’t Know Everything, Jilly P! by Alex Gino (Scholastic, 2018.)

Alex Gino is an amazing writer whose works are geared towards middle schoolers, but in all fairness, it wouldn’t hurt anyone to read either George or Jilly P.

Jillian Pirillo is only 11 years old but she thinks she has life all figured out. She has two loving parents, a (mostly) terrific family, her best friend, Macy, and her online gaming friends. She is also getting ready to be the “world’s best big sister” any day now.

But when Emma makes her debut, doctors and specialists realize she is Deaf. Jilly wants, like everyone else, Emma to have the full advantages she had. Talking to her online friend, Derek, who is Proud, Black, and Deaf, Jilly puts her foot in her mouth… A lot. But as she listens, not just hears, what he has to say, Jilly learns a lot about the Deaf community.

Learning not everyone is perfect and knowing people’s imperfections can drive everyone crazy, and it is a difficult pill for Jilly to swallow.

Alex Gino makes sure Jilly and readers understand how important compassion really is. Please read either one of Alex Gino’s books- you just may find yourself a little bit better of a person. Hopefully.