Sharon reviews I Love You So Mochi by Sarah Kuhn   9781338302882   Scholastic Press, 2019.   308 pages 

 Kimi’s mom is an up and coming artist.  Her art is made up of splashes of color on a canvas.  Kimi was an artist, and that’s something she and her mom could stay sane over.  But for the last few months, Kimi stands for hours with a brush and a blank  canvas and can’t think of anything to paint.  Instead, she’s found the satisfaction painting used to bring in creating Kimi Originals, outfits with a flare that makes the wearer the ultimate model.  Her latest fashion statement was a dress made of Starburst wrappers.  The colors were bright and the skirt had just the right swish when Bex turned.  It gave Bex the courage and self-confidence to finally ask Shelby out. 

That same day, though, Kimi’s mom came to school to talk to the art teacher, and found out that Kimi had dropped Advanced Fine Art.  The silent treatment that followed was worse than the screaming Kimi expected. 

Kimi had been invited to visit her grandparents in Japan for spring break.  Desperately needing to get away, she accepts.  Once in Japan, Kimi learns more about her heritage and her mother.  And Kimi finds the courage and self-confidence to follow her own dream.