Andrea reviews THE PERFECT NANNY by Leila Slimani, Penguin Random House, 228 pages. This novel has been dubbed the French version of Gillian Flynn’s novel, GONE GIRL.  This gripping and chilling psychological thriller by Moroccan award winner, Leila Slimani, comes full circle beginning with the murder of two young children and the attempted suicide of their nanny, Louise. The plot then focuses around Louise’s unraveling and the reasons she killed Mila and  Adam. This is so strange that something so traumatic would happen because everyone who knew Louise was impressed by her fastidiousness. In fact, before Louise was hired by Myriam and Paul to take care of young Mila and Adam, one of her references reported she “wished for a third child so Louise could keep working for them.”  Louise was always devoted to her young charges, was prepared for any and all situations, and was adored by the entire Masse’ family.

But things are never as they seem; let alone perfection.

Unfortunately, the ghosts of Louise’s past are coming closer and closer to the surface. Her so-called perfect façade is cracking, and the people who thought Louise was so amazing now believe something is “just not right.” But never, ever would anyone believe Louise would become so unhinged to actually harm someone, let alone murder them.

As I stated before, things are never as they seem; let alone perfection.

The book  is full of terrifying twists and turns, and readers will descend into Louise’s world of despair and madness. Even though this story is not for the squeamish, THE PERFECT NANNY will make a bizarre read while your hair might just stand up on end.