Children – Learn for Libraries ABCMouse

ABC Mouse:  Available in the library only. If inside the library, follow the link to access. is a comprehensive early learning site for children ages 2 through 6+, covering reading and language arts, math, science, social studies, art, and music. It is completely child-safe, with no advertising or links to other websites.

AWE Early Literacy Stations: Available in the library only AWE Early Literacy Stations

AWE Early Literacy Stations:  Available in the library only. If inside the library, please ask for assistance in locating the stations. The Early Literacy Station (ELS) is a dynamic all-in-one digital learning solution for children ages 2-8. It requires no Internet connection, so it is safe and secure. NOTE: Not available at the Bartlett, Benjamin L. Hooks, or Cossitt Libraries.

DiscoverREAD Resource

DiscoverREAD is a rich environment that engages children and caregivers in fun and meaningful learning activities that meet the developmental needs of children ages birth to five. The spaces are designed for caregivers to help children build early literacy skills and enter kindergarten ready to succeed. Our vision is families reading, talking, and playing together for a more literate Memphis.

Early World of Learning (World Book) Early World of Learning (World Book)

Early World of Learning (World Book): A wealth of resources to help preschoolers and children in the early grades grasp critical early childhood themes. (Optimized for tablets)

Kids InfoBits

Kids InfoBits is the perfect educational product for today’s young learners. It’s a content-rich, authoritative, easy-to-use resource featuring age-appropriate, reliable, curriculum-related content covering a broad range of educational topics.  Provided by the Tennessee Electronic Library.
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KidSpeak – Language Learning

KidSpeak Language Learning: Designed by leading educators for children ages six and up, KidSpeak for Libraries contains more than 700 words and expressions per language. Available languages include Chinese (Mandarin), English, French, German, Hebrew, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazilian), and Spanish. Offered as a part of Transparent Language Learning.
hispanohablante: aprenda ingles | Getting Started Instructions | Video Tutorials | Mobile App Available

Research in Context

Research in Context: Designed especially for middle-schoolers, Research in Context contains engaging reference, periodical, and multimedia content that are aligned with national and state standards.  Provided by the Tennessee Electronic Library.
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Science Fair Information
Science Fair Information: This page is a great place to start your science fair project.


World Book

The World Book Web is a suite of online research tools that includes encyclopedia articles, primary source collections, educator tools, student activities, pictures, audio, ebooks and video, complemented by current periodicals and related Web sites. Provided by the Tennessee Electronic Library.  Includes:
World Book Advanced for High School students and adults. Citation Builder included for any type of source (select “Take me to…” at the top-right and select “Citation Builder”.
World Book Student for Elementary/Middle School. Citation Builder included for any type of source (select “Take me to…” at the top-right and select “Citation Builder”.
World Book Timelines View or build your own Timelines.
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