Sanitation Strike Exhibit – February 11 to 17 Edition

Memphis Sanitation Workers Strike! - Feb 12, 1968 - Late last night, roughly 400 to 700 members of the city’s public works division, mostly men from the sanitation department, voted to go on strike. Gathered at a union hall on 2nd street, the men attended the meeting to discuss a potential strike at the invitation of members of local 1733, […]
City’s Reaction to the Strike - February 12, 1968. Workers strike, city reacts. Memphis sanitation workers meeting the night before at the Memphis Labor Temple decided to strike for better wages, conditions, and justice. Charles Blackburn, the head of the Public Works department knew something unusual was happening when very few workers clocked in for work at the Scott Street sanitation […]
This Week’s Profile: P.J. Ciampa - AFSCME national field director Peter J. (P.J.) Ciampa's fulfilled a key role as a union negotiator in the early days of the strike.Pugnacious and hot-tempered, Ciampa, a former Pittsburgh steel worker rose in the ranks of the CIO (Congress of Industrial Organizations), ultimately becoming a regional director in the United Automobile Workers. Later he became […]