Memphis Sound Connection

Memphis Sound Connection

Supporting Local Music

The Memphis Public Libraries and the Memphis Library Foundation’s Memphis Sound Connection will be an online platform that showcases and shares current local music for free. Memphis has a deep musical history including many genres such as Blues, Rock, Jazz, Country, Soul, R&B, Hip Hop. The list goes on an on. The Memphis Sound Connection looks to connect you with today’s torchbearers of the Memphis Sound.

Music will be available by the Summer of 2021.

Visit the Memphis Sound Connection to learn more.

Want to be a part of the opening collection?

Submissions open Tuesday April 6th. Local musicians can submit a sample of their music and selected musicians will be invited to upload an album. After the album is uploaded, an honorarium of $200 will be provided to the musician.

Other libraries

We’ve been inspired by the efforts of other libraries working with the Musicat service including: