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What Can You do with a Library Card?

Don’t have a card yet?

Apply Online

Apply online to receive a Library Card Number that you can use immediately to access our eCollection and public computers.  This card number is good for 2 years.  Visit any Memphis Public Library with your documentation requirements listed below to check out physical items. (Customers age 13 and up are invited to apply online.)

Need to Renew Your Account?  Renew Online

Due to library closures, you may submit your request to renew your library card online.  If your card has expired, we will renew it for one year.  Submit your online request.  We will automatically extend the account for one year without requiring documentation.

don’t know your pin?

A PIN is required to access certain online services. If you have a library card, a PIN has already been set up for you and should have been provided when your account was created.

Here are some options if you do not know your PIN:

  • You can try the last 4 digits of your Library Card Number.
  • You can change your PIN here.  Following this link will take you through the steps of changing your PIN. However, this option will only work if you have a valid email address associated with your account. 
  • If you do not have a valid email address associated with your account, you can submit this PIN Request. We will look up and provide your PIN and add your email to your account so that you can use the “Forgot my PIN” option in the future.

Apply In-Person

Please note, at this time you can not apply in person. Locations are closed in response to COVID-19. However, if you do not have a library card you can apply online as stated above.
Print the application, also available at the Library, and visit any Memphis Public Library with your documentation requirements to create your account.

Our Library Card Owner’s Manual provides more information on the benefits and details of owning a Library Card:

Who Can Apply for a Library Card?

Residents and property owners of Memphis, Bartlett and unincorporated Shelby County are entitled to a free card.

Documentation Requirements

Standard library cards require identification showing current address. Acceptable identification includes valid Tennessee Driver’s License or state ID showing current address or any two of the following, one showing current address:

  • Voter registration card
  • current utility bill
  • printed check
  • check stub
  • lease, etc.

If 17 or younger, parent or guardian must show acceptable identification and sign the application. To protect customer privacy, and in accordance with the Tennessee Code Annotated, Section 10-8-102, all information related to this account will be given ONLY to the person to whom the card is issued, or in the case of a minor, to the responsible party.
Outside of Service Area

Those who live outside the Memphis Public Library service area, including counties in TN, AR and MS, may pay an annual fee of $50 to obtain a Memphis Public Library & Information Center library card.

A visitor card requires a $10 refundable deposit per item checked out, and is valid for one three-month period per year.
Replacement Cards

Replacement cards are free.
Account Renewal

In order to further help our customers and community during these unprecedented times, library cards that were set to expire over the next few months have had their privileges extended. However, if your card has already expired, please submit an online request and we will update it for one year.Library Cards must be renewed every two years for those within our service area.  Those outside of the service area must renew their account each year.  Please visit any Memphis Public Library with the same documentation requirements listed above.