Bookstock – Memphis Area Authors’ Festival

Check back soon for information on Bookstock 2023, set for Saturday, April 29th from 11am -3pm! Meanwhile, check out information on last year’s festival.

Where: Benjamin L. Hooks Central Library

Keynote Speaker: Richard Grant

Richard Grant is a New York Times best-selling author, journalist, and television host. He currently writes for Smithsonian magazine, New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Telegraph UK, Aeon and several other publications. He grew up in London, England, and now lives in Jackson, Mississippi. Full Profile

Keynote Speaker: Moziah Bridges

Moziah Bridges is the President and Creative Director of Mo’s Bows. Mo’s Bows mission: To make you look and feel your best while catering to the sometimes conservative, fun-loving lady or gentleman. Bridges started his company because he desired an accessory to help enhance his attire. However, he did not see anything befitting of his style or personality. With the help of his grandmother, he created his own bow ties. Bridges’ business has received international acclaim, and all began at his grandmother’s kitchen table in South Memphis. Full Profile

Beverly Bond & Susan O’Donovan

Beverly Greene Bond is Associate Professor of History at the University of Memphis. Past president of the Southern Association for Women Historians, Professor Bond specializes in nineteenth-century African American history with a focus on African American women and their experiences. -Information from Memphis Massacre Blog

Susan Eva O’Donovan is Associate Professor of History at the University of Memphis. A former editor at the Freedmen & Southern Society Project and author of Becoming Free in the Cotton South, Professor O’Donovan specializes in African American history with a focus on the transition from slavery to freedom in the Civil War era. -Information from Memphis Massacre Blog

Events and Activities

  • 60 local authors exhibits
  • Face painting, balloon artist and activities for children and teens
  • Local choir performances
  • Food trucks and cooking demonstrations
  • Live music
  • Family Tunes and Tales


BookStock 2022

We are just days away from BOOKSTOCK 2022 at the Benjamin L. Hooks Central Library. It runs Saturday, May 7th, from 11 AM to 3 PM. Ten years of celebrating local authors! Meet local authors, live music and food trucks, balloon artists, dance, and local choirs. Free fun for the whole family!

keynote speaker: richard grant

“Richard Grant is an author, journalist and television host. He currently writes for Smithsonian magazine, New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Telegraph UK, Aeon and several other publications. He grew up in London, England, and now lives in Tucson, Arizona.

The impulse to wander was the subject of his first book American Nomads, Travels With Lost Conquistadors, Mountain Men, Cowboys, Indians, Hoboes, Truckers and Bullriders (Grove Press, 2003). Published in the UK as Ghost Riders, Travels With American Nomads (Little Brown, 2003) it won the 2004 Thomas Cook Travel Literature Award. Soon afterwards, he began travelling in the Sierra Madre Occidental in northern Mexico, a violent, lawless mountain range that begins just south of the American border and extends for nearly nine hundred miles. It contains cave-dwelling Indian tribes, four canyons deeper than the Grand Canyon, and is one of the world’s biggest production areas for marijuana and heroin. These travels resulted in his second book God’s Middle Finger, Into The Lawless Heart of the Sierra Madre (Free Press, 2008), published in the UK as Bandit Roads, Into the Lawless Heart of the Sierra Madre (Little Brown, 2008).”

fun for the whole family

Live music. Food trucks. Author talks. Seminars. CLOUD901 activities for teens. Crafts and story times for children.

60 Local Authors’ Exhibits11:00am – 3:00pmLobby Level – Front and Back
Remembering the Memphis Massacre11:00am -11:50am4th Floor History Department
Richard Grant: The Deepest South of All1:00pm -1:50pmLobby Level Stage
Latino Music Band: Ritmo Sun11:00am –1:00pm; 1:30pm –2:15pmOutside the front gate
Choir Performances: Cordova High School,
Memphis Public Libraries, Hutchison School
12:00pm – 12:50pmLobby Front
Cultural Dances: Mongolian and Tibetan Dances12:00pm – 12:50pmLobby Front
Selfie Stations11:00am – 3:00pmGoodwyn Gallery
Memphis in May Salutes Ghana Exhibit, Books on Ghana Display and Giveaways11:00am –3:00pmGoodwyn Gallery
Food Trucks11:00am –3:00pmLibrary Parking Lot
Bookstock Keynote Speaker Discussion3:00pm – 3:30pmLobby Level Stage, Virtual via Teams
CLOUD901 Tours11:30am, 2:30pm,
1:30pm, & 2:30pm
Creation Station: DIY Bookmark11:00 am-11:45 amGoodwyn Gallery
Creation Station: Mug Design12:00pm – 1:00pmCLOUD901
Homegrown Poetry Workshop1:15pm-2:00pmCLOUD901
Author Q&A Erica Martin And We Rise with Moderator Jeanine Jones2:00pm – 2:50pmLobby Level Stage
Ali Manning: Food Scientist4Kids11:00am – 11:50amChildren’s Department
Balloon Artist11:00am – 3:00pmChildren’s Department/Lobby Area
Let’s Enjoy Japan with Japan Outreach Initiative12:00pm – 12:45pmChildren’s Department
Rainbow Family Storytime1:15pm – 1:45pmChildren’s Department

books by participating authors

john babb

Voices of the Dead

“During four terror-filled months in 1878, a yellow fever epidemic in the Lower Mississippi Valley struck 154 towns and cities, killed over 20,000 people, and wiped entire families and businesses from the face of the earth. A determined band of volunteer heroes and heroines fought the virus despite their limited medical knowledge.”

susan bacon

The History Teacher

“When Emma Quinn gets a call that her grandmother has been found dead, she has no reason to suspect foul play. But her grandmother’s death triggers a series of unsettling events, and Emma is forced to confront the truth–about her family and about history.”

dr. bee

Oh My, My Left Eye

“Andy is a little boy born with crossed eyes. The book outlines his journey to having his vision corrected and the setbacks he and his parents face along the way.”

beverly green bond

Remembering the Memphis Massacre : an American story

“On May 1, 1866, a minor exchange between (white) Memphis city police and a group of (all black) Union soldiers quickly escalated into “murder and mayhem.” A mob of white men roamed through south Memphis, leaving a trail of blood, rubble, and terror in their wake. By May 3, at least forty-six African American men, women, and children and two white men lay dead.”

tijuana boswell

Contemporary Slavery: “Are you a victim?”

“The days of picking cotton on a plantation is the way most people view slavery. Just because there’s no sight of this form of bondage, doesn’t mean servitude is non-existing. Incarcerations, drug addiction, prostitution, lawsuits and even domestic violence are examples of slavery. This novel gives deep portrayal of what plagues our liberty, today. So, sit back, read and get educated. You might just be a victim.”

lois joyner brown

Facing The Rising Sun

“This thrill-filled novel gives a fictional depiction of the way the health-care system was during the 1960s. There are factual, historical references that are intertwined with fiction, as well as, situations that may be compared to the present. Doctor Luke McCaskill’s medical practices were threatening to the safety and well-being of of vulnerable patients until a class of young nurses took more than just notice. They took action.”

vandella brown

Mouse Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Day

“‘Sweetie Pie, have yourself a merry little Christmastime’ is what Mouse’s mother said. Sweetie Pie Mouse has hurt her foot and can’t go home for Christmas. She uses her cell phone to plan a wonderful day but discovers that she still pines for home and family and is bored on Christmas day until an unforeseen little thing like giving gifts enlightens her day. Meet the delightful friends and family that Sweetie Pie Mouse is connected to in a holiday story of diversity and sharing.”

John Campbell

Cross Examined: Putting Christianity on Trial

“John Campbell applies his almost thirty years of experience as a trial lawyer to dissecting Christianity and the case of apologists for the Christian God. He addresses the best arguments for Christianity, those against it, and the reasons people should care about these questions.”

gabriel castiblanco

Learning Together with the associative method

“The associative method to learn Spanish that I have devised is a great tool to enrich our Spanish vocabulary in an amazing way. Since in order to be able to speak, it is necessary to build the phrases in our mind to have a conversation or express an idea… The goal I’ve had set is to learn how to read and write Spanish in 5 to 6 months, and to communicate fluently in 14 months.”

Kacy C. Chambers

Sometimes Grandma and Grandpa Forget

“Children understand far more than adults often give them credit for… When the people they love begin behaving differently, often, children are the first to notice. That’s when adults should step in and answer their questions, listen to their concerns, provide guidelines, and help them brainstorm ways to help those suffering from dementia or its most common cause-Alzheimer’s”

daniel cordero

Malfunction Junction

“Malfunction Junction is a collection of short stories written by eight local authors with Memphis and the Mid-South area as the theme. The stories are all fictional and vary from romance, to literary, to horror…The authors in this anthology are all friends who came together to share their stories about their fondness for their region.”

epiphany crush

Conversations in the Midnight Hour: A Journal with Scriptures of Wisdom and Consolation

“‘Conversations in the Midnight Hour’ is an inspirational book and journal that offers a remedy filled with hope to those who suffer from anxiety, loneliness negative-thinking, and depression. Epiphany Z. Crush has battled with anxiety, and in this book, she shares biblical wisdom and scriptures, but she speak intimately to her readers as she breaks down each scripture.”

keesha dancy

Boys Breathe: an ABC Introduction to Self-Confidence

“Looking for a bright and colorful book about self-confidence and positive affirmations? Look no further, this is it!Are boys ever too young to learn about mindful meditation and self-worth? We think not!Every child is unique in their own way, and they deserve to know what makes them special.”

jay demoir

The Girl From Princeton Avenue

“Kesley Daniels is twenty-four and a strikingly beautiful woman who just so happens to live on a street named after the Ivy League school. The only issue is her life doesn’t at all resemble any perks of an Ivy League life. Plagued with depression, anxiety, and self-diagnosed PTSD from growing up in the inner city, Kesley is just trying to make it. But she has a secret.”

russ fly & tom foster

Curse of the Water Panther

“A map carried by a stowaway aboard the ill-fated
riverboat SS Sultana, plus an exchange of letters
between pulp authors Robert E. Howard and H.P.
Lovecraft, launch four people on a dangerous
modern-day quest. Without warning, the four find
themselves in a life-and-death race to beat a
terrorist and a ruthless crime boss to an
otherworldly cache that could upset the balance of
world power.”

julice franklin

Petals of a Three-Leafed Clover

“The main characters, Sarah Anna Foster, Ann, and Pottianna Love, Pot, stand at the grave site of their best friend, Virginia Johns Jamison, Jenny, during Jenny’s burial in Memphis in October, 1981. Bittersweet memories of their journey from childhood to adults are captured in Ann’s mind as she struggles to understand how a perfect life like Jenny’s made its way to such a painful end.”

Antoine Gnintedem

Alien at Home

“While most books about racism in the United States focus on the plight of African Americans and often omit the hate, bigotry, and xenophobia that Black immigrants endure daily, “Alien at Home” offers a unique perspective by portraying the hate that Black immigrants encounter in their interactions with both White and African American citizens.”

Viola Grays-Wiley

Quality Teaching: Beating the Odds for At-Risk Students

“This book is just what the doctor ordered for getting your school ready for academic success. The author provides real-world solutions to the troubled public school systems of this country. Without a doubt, every teacher preparation program should mandate this book as a “must read” for its teacher candidates.”

rita green

How to Survive a Personal Financial Pandemic

“HSPFP uses a personal approach and the covid language prevalent in popular culture today to demonstrate how to recognize symptoms that signal the onset of financial covid.  Readers will learn how to mask their money, distance their debt, and financially shelter in place.” Video description.

tammy green

Living Without Skin: Everything I Never Knew About Fierce Vulnerability

“Most of us spend a lifetime trying to avoid pain and insecurity while overlooking the power we inherently possess. What would you do differently with your life if you knew you were failsafe at birth? If you’ve ever felt vulnerable, weak, or like a complete failure, you can transform those feelings into fierce superpowers.”

jill greene

Champions Never Tell: Sisters Surviving Storms In The Workplace

“Champions Never Tell gives women the power to take control of their work-life and circumstances. While women are waiting for their leaders, organizations or HR to assist them, they are suffering in a multitude of ways. Champions Never Tell offers women insight on self-care and what they can do for themselves to save themselves.”

jordan ashley greene

“Life is full of changes. For Maya, that meant a new city, a new school, and new friends. Some of those changes were good and others left her feeling sad and hurt. Being bullied chipped away at her courage and she didn’t feel very confident at all. If you want to have more confidence in yourself, use the tips from Maya to boost your confidence and find your courage.”

shayda harrington

River Dreams

“River Dreams is a book written to inspire children of all backgrounds to look inwardly and dream of what they could become! Dreaming empowers one to be a victor instead of a victim! Putting your dreams on paper allows you to identify true aspirations and act on them.”

tamara hendrix

Writing Our Way Home: A Group Journey Out of Homelessness

Writing Our Way Home is a collection of stories written by people who are currently or formerly experiencing homelessness. These stories were originally written as part of a writing group, and later compiled into this book.”

hannah horch

Enchanting Beauties

“Enchanting Beauties is the captivating tale of young photographer Henryetta Dixon and her sheer will to survive the Great Depression. The daughter of the wealthy Thomas and Lucille Dixon, Henryetta believes her family is untouchable-that is, until her father uncharacteristically commits suicide, leaving them penniless.”

walanda houston

Soul Essentials: Reflections and Lessons Learned from a Journey with the Lord

“Developing a relationship with the Lord is the surest way to have a victorious life. When we have a desire to please God in every aspect of our lives, we can grow in our knowledge of Him through His Word and bear spiritual fruit that lasts. The Bible teaches us what God desires from us, and when we pray God’s Word back to Him, we can be assured that He promises to hear and answer our requests. Make the decision to walk with the Lord today and watch your life”

troy jackson

Life: A Book of Poems

“A Book of Modern Poems, By ‘Chicago Renaissance’ inspired Poet Troy R. Jackson. Including epoch poetry about relationships and celebrity. This book contains poetry about African-American luminaries Oprah Winfrey, Barack Obama, Gwendolyn Brooks, and Martin Luther King.”

Antonio and Tamika

Bluff City Blues

“Bluff City Blues is an exciting, fast-paced, and action-packed read! It reads both as a novel and a comic. A family has been brutally murdered. The police department is on high alert as this just adds to the vicious and unsolvable deaths that seem to be growing in Memphis, Tennessee, also known as the Bluff City. Detectives Terrence Cooper and Anthony Johnson are determined to find the killer and bring justice home for those who cannot seek it on their own.”

Kali Kucera

Unawqi, Hunter of the Sun

“In a time when supernatural and industrial worlds are staged to collide, an Andean boy finds himself in the center of an epic struggle between the cosmos and the earth.”

arnetta macklin

Jubilee Inspirations

“Jubilee inspirations is a compilation of over fifty poems that were written through a transformative journey of tests, testimonies, triumphs, and tributes. The “cocoon” of rhymes that were traditionally shared with family, church and friends metamorphosed into a way to express the prayers, pain, pressure, and passion that became more profound during prolific times of a global pandemic and social injustice.”

ali manning

Can I Play with my Food?

“Can I Play with my Food? is an early-reader picture book that explores food and science through the eyes of two sisters. Nema and Lexi let their imaginations run wild as they discover where food comes from and how a simple experiment can shape their dreams.”

T’Arrah Marjé

Big Mad

“Follow Kennie Beans throughout his day and find out what makes him “Big Mad”, and how he discovers meditation to help with his bad mood at school.”

erica Martin

And We Rise

“A powerful, impactful, eye-opening journey that explores through the Civil Rights Movement in 1950s-1960s America in spare and evocative verse, with historical photos interspersed throughout.”

Marissa Martin

The Shaping: Isaiah 64:8 We Are the Clay, You Are the Potter

“The Shaping contains a series of testimonial passages, as well as an outline of different stages and events, regarding how God allows us all to endure a variety of trials, tests, situations, and circumstances.”

marcus matthews

Urban Aces: How to Reach and Teach Students Traumatized by Adverse Childhood Experiences

“In Urban ACEs, Matthews uses his personal testimony as a troubled urban student in Memphis along with strategies gained from trauma-informed training to illustrate how a youth struggling with adverse childhood experiences can graduate high school and college when supported by using a trauma-informed approach.”

frank mcmeen

Let Me Tell You A Story

“This book is about hope. Our world is made up with people trying to survive losses in love, life, memory, abilities and hope. Our country has become so separated that families are divided over politics, vaccines, masks, love and human rights. In the midst of our advanced civilization, we find a divided society lacking hope. . . . This book was written to give you true hope — to make you laugh and touch your heart.”

tangela meeks

Memphis Moon

“Is he too good to be true? Kol Martin is handsome, wealthy, and has a past with a crazy ex who isn’t going to give him up easily. When Samantha makes him see in one weekend he wants more, will she allow herself to fall in love even with the threat of Alicia over them?”

shelley moore

Through a Blue-Eyed Lens

“When Shelley arrives from the outer reaches of Wyoming, her new stage is Memphis, a segregated city increasingly steeped in conflict and turmoil. By recounting the ways in which she navigated both social and historical constructs, Shelley unearths a storehouse of deeply personal memories.”

sue moresi

Matilda Gundalini: A Tale of Workplace Harassment

“Matilda has been working in administrative jobs for over 20 years. She considers herself to be a great employee; conscientious, polite, smart as well as thoughtful, in short, a fine addition to any organization. Somehow though, Herman Braddock, her new boss, doesn’t seem overly impressed. He seems unprofessional to Matilda and, at times, surprisingly overly friendly. Is a formal complaint about her boss the way to handle this? What should she do?”

linda mosley

JoJos SuperHeroes: Super Jo-Jo

“Jojos SuperHeroes is an Inspirational Children’s Book series. In the Book “Super Jojo” we go an an adventure as a little girl in Brooklyn NY raised by her working single mom who often spends most of her time with her grandma…. Jojos SuperHeroes is a book series that not only addresses different disabilities and diagnoses that face young children all over the world but it is giving them a different spin on their story to remind them that they too have superpowers, if not many.”

raymond neil

Philosophy in Manhood Principles

“This book is a collection of interviews from men on different social levels about their opinions on correct manly behavior. It is the author’s contention that in order to repair the basic family unit, which in his opinion is the cause of the moral decline in our world today. We must begin to repair our fathers who are supposed to be the nucleus of the family unit.”

charlotte ritter

I Choose the Rainforest

“‘I Choose the Rainforest’ is an uplifting poetry collection for individuals from various backgrounds. It outlines some of the events taking place today, and offers real time solutions. This book explore the highs and lows that we often times feel, but it will leave you breathless and wanting more.”

Mable Springfield Scott

38126 KING’s KIDS … Nobody Said We Were Poor!

“A snapshot of a beautiful Memphis community with a rich, vibrant history that many African-Americans will recognize and remember. Imagine growing up on Beale Street, the Home of the Blues, with a Black Mecca filled with successful businesses, entertainment, commercial enterprises, and creativity. OR, attending the historic Booker T. Washington High School which had produced Booker T. & the MG”s, The BarKays, Marion Barry, Rev. Ben Hooks, Lucy Campbell, Maurice White of Earth, Wind & Fire, and numerous Stax Recording studio artists.”

jan shivley

A Pictorial History of Wedding Photography

“During thirty-eight years of photographing weddings across the Mid-South, I fell completely in love with the whole event. Those experiences, coupled with my adoration for antiques, full of artistic details, caused me to begin to look for vintage wedding pictures.  It didn’t take long for that to become an obsession and passion. I have ended up with hundreds of wedding pictures from the mid-1800s, just as photography was born until current times.”

jordan silver


“Kerryanne Lashley is trying hard to pick up the pieces of her life after suffering a horrible betrayal. Kyle Clancy wants out of the little nowhere postcard town as soon as possible. He had no more interest in a relationship of any kind than Kerryanne did, but one fateful encounter on a sidewalk in the early morning sun would soon set these two on a collision course with destiny.”

quinn smith

Separate Lives

“In a section of Memphis, TN called Smokey City, two girls; Lori Ann Keefer and April Gail Quincy grow up right across the street from one another. Though they attend the same elementary, middle and high schools, their perceptions of life and living are totally different. They do everything together!…As they approach womanhood, they realize their friendship is no longer an integral part of their life or development because college, marriage, children, distance, addiction, and jobs pull them further apart.”

mark stansbury

Through the Lens of Mark Stansbury

“Mark Stansbury, photographer extraordinaire, captured civil rights icons and legends, presidents and politicians, celebrities and ordinary strivers from many walks of life. Whether on assignment or with a sense of where history was being made, mark seized opportunities to use his camera to record history or to celebrate life.”

angela stigler

Getting Off the Nail

“After nearly 20 years of matrimony, Angela Stigler felt as though she was decaying on the inside from the pain of a marriage riddled with infidelities, yet she was determined to find a zest for life, light, and love within. That meant she’d have to summon God’s given power and courageously pull herself up from her darkest point in life.”

terri strong

Prison to priesthood : a CO’s perspective

“In this insightful book, Terri Strong, shares deep truth that will empower any person who unwittingly has built a prison of their own making that limits their potential….Serving as a Corrections Officer for 25 years in the County Jail of Memphis, Tennessee has provided her with unique insights about human behavior, incarceration, and why some inmates remain free, never to return, and other can never seem to break the cycle.”

Robin Terry

Resilient: My Story, God’s Glory

“A story of a teenage mother’s search for identity and belonging throughout her adolescence and young adulthood. This is a coming-of-age story about perseverance, faith, forgiveness, and resilience embedded in Robin’s DNA, forcing her to come to terms with the life she’d chosen for herself. Through all of her obstacles, she managed to hold on to her faith and trusted that God had great plans for her life. In this story, you will read how Robin evolved from a fragile fifteen-year-old pregnant girl into the resilient woman she is today, Dr. Robin Terry.”

terrence thibideau

Ryftia Volume I: Searching for Wysteria

“A young mage is pulled into a personal fight between a legendary sorceress and an ancient evil power. A crippled warrior of the light turned mage must quest to save his apprentice. A unique team of adventurers is assembled to handle the rescue. Their quest will take them much farther and through many more trials than they could possibly imagine…”

terrice thomas

Mentor Coaching

“Terrice Thomas addresses the unfortunate truth that high school graduates, college students, and college graduates commonly feel under prepared for the real world. Thomas presents a how-to guide for mentors to help prepare young adults for the future. Topics she touches on include “What makes a good mentor vs. a bad mentor”, “How to set goals and why it’s important”, “How to build relationships””

Diane Thomas-Plunk

Our Mothers and Daughters

“In this book, you’ll learn more about Opal Pratt’s mother. You’ll also meet the little girl too savvy to get into the predator’s car, the mother struggling between her teenage daughter and invalid mother, the pre-teen who discovers that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, the mother who meets the adult version of the baby she put up for adoption, and many more. There is sadness and laughter, failure and success, and loss and discovery – everything that is life.”

Alison G. Thompson

Super Lucas

“Alison’s son, Lucas wasn’t even two years old and he was able to identify most of the colors, numbers, and letters. At that moment she knew there was something SUPER about Lucas. Alison also knew that there was a deficit in the children’s books written with black children as the main characters…. Alison and Lucas’ mission is to encourage every child to use their super powers to make the world a better place.”

tristan towns

I am Me

“”I Am Me” is a fun and rhythmic story encouraging children to embrace their uniqueness and celebrate everyone’s differences. This book is filled with powerful affirmations and beautiful illustrations, with hopes of helping as many children as possible see themselves reflected in the pages.”

Indiana Tuggle

Finding Faith: Lessons Uncovered Through the Storms

“Are you finding it difficult to understand the things God has allowed to transpire in your life? Do you find yourself asking why me or God, where are you? Do you have a hard time imagining the good that will come from the rape, molestation, domestic violence, poverty, bad relationships, death of loved ones, abandonment and/or rejection? You know that all you need is faith the size of a mustard seed but still find it hard to Faith It through!”

Teresa Ann Ward

Busy Little Anthony

“A day in the life of an extraordinary child. Busy Little Anthony, a bright and curious toddler is ready to explore the world and everything else within his reach on a typical day out with Mommy.”

taylor wilson

Glove Letters: A Father Recalls His Son’s Greatest Game

“High school pitcher Landon Wilson’s goal was obvious, even to the ER doctors who told him they were amputating his arm.

“Just leave enough of it (my arm) to hold my glove,” Wilson said.

This proclamation would begin Wilson’s ascent back to the pitcher’s mound before his senior season slipped away.”

pictures from past bookstocks