Mid-South Coliseum Tickets


The process for buying tickets at the Mid-South Coliseum changed dramatically depending on the event, the promoter, or the time period. During the early years of the Coliseum, tickets were primarily sold at the arena box office or by mail order. As the concert industry expanded in the 1970s, more people began regularly attending shows, resulting in an increased demand for tickets and requiring changes to the ticket-buying process. You can chart the development of this process, along with some of the challenges the Coliseum sought to address, by reading through letters, memos, meeting minutes, and other documents contained in the Mid-South Coliseum Collection.

The documents below exemplify the early mail order system, including some of its challenges. For example, make sure to include the band’s name in your ticket request!

By the mid to late 1970s, the process of ticket-buying was expanding to include alternate locations for buying tickets across the city. The following memos discuss implementing a convenience charge and the relationship between Mid-South Concerts, the Mid-South Coliseum, and the ticket agency, Ticket Hub.

Whether you traveled to the Coliseum box office, corresponded via mail, or visited a ticketing location, ultimately you would receive your beautiful ticket. Check out some of the pristine, unused tickets we found as we’ve been processing the collection! We’ll be adding more as we find them.