Memphis Reads- Batman Noir: The Killing Joke by Alan Moore

Batman Noir: The Killing Joke  by Alan Moore,  DC Comics, 2016, reviewed Kal W.

Alan Moore’s Batman: The Killing Joke is a mandatory read for Batman fans and it explores more of the characters psyche, dynamics, and passions. The plot is great, dark, and grim considering Joker is your main villain. He has this twisted scheme that he can make people lose their mind and become psychopaths like him if enough unfortunate events happen to them. Of course he is disappointed to find out that most people do not become murdering psychopaths because they lose loves ones, or fail at their profession. Joker wanted to create a situation where one of our heroes would lose his mind and either kill him or others. This comic book series is also about Batman and Commissioner Gordon relationship.

This is  an easy read and I would recommend it to anybody who likes Batman comics. I hope I have given you a general ideal of this comic without really ruining the plot.