Memphis Reads: Curl Up & Dye by Sharon Sala

 Syma reviews Curl up & Dye by Sharon Sala, Sourcebooks, 2014.

Here I am again, after reading another of the Blessings series by one of the greatest authors, in my opinion, Sharon Sala.  But to my surprise I did something that I’m sure many of you have also done. I read part of this series out of order.

The little town of Blessings, Georgia has a way of giving people a second and sometimes even third chance in life,  as well as success, and oh yes, the most important aspect of this book-  LOVE.  The author gives you pieces of a puzzle from many characters in order to draw a big picture of love, revenge and of course, forgiveness.

Ever since  grade school Mike has loved Lily Ann and has never thought of any other girl.  Even as a man some 20 years older, he is still  in love with her even more so.  It actually takes her saving his life for Mike to confess his true feelings to Lily Ann.

The town’s most promiscuous woman, Rachel Goodhope while married to Bud, her third husband, is looking for her fourth husband.   Rachel is a woman with no shame at all.  She wanted to trade Bud in for T.J. Lachlan, the town’s newest resident. When Rachel found out T.J. was an unadulterated womanizer, she couldn’t get away from him fast enough.

Blessings, Georgia is exactly like most small during the holidays in the fact everyone makes it the best for children and the less fortunate alike.  At Curl Up & Dye, the town’s beauty salon,  the holidays will take on a special meaning for Mike and Lily Ann but even more so for T.J. in the end.

This is what I took away from this book:  “Love will make you either act now, dodge it, abuse it or own up to it.”

Please read this one, it is movie material.