MEMPHIS READS: I’m a Memphian by Dan Conaway


Marilyn reviews I’m a Memphian: Character References for a City Filled with it and Often Absolutely Full of it by Dan Conaway (Nautilus Publishing, 2013.)

What makes a Memphian?  Is it the people? Is it the culture?  Is it the lifestyle? Or, maybe, is it all of these influences to what makes a Memphian? Why do people come from all over the world to explore Memphis?

Dan Conaway explores what defines a Memphian in his weekly column Memphasis in the Memphis Daily News. He writes about the various and vast characteristics of the people that make up Memphis. This is a collection of some of his weekly columns written around 2011. This anthology was published in 2013.

I enjoyed reading the book since it enlightened little-known events and people. Each column ends with the phrase, “I’m a Memphian” and a statement like, “And I’m world famous,” or “And I’m unique”

If you wish to explore Memphis in a different way, then please read this delightful book by Dan Conaway.