Andrea reviews MATILDA GUNDALINI:  A Tale of Workplace Harassment by Susan Moresi, Lulu Publishing, 2020, 82 pages. Moresi is a local author who has addressed the subject of harassment in the workplace in an earnest but realistic way. Matilda is a young professional who believes she is both competent and confident in her job. She is well-liked professionally and personally and her work ethics have always been commended. All this comes to a screeching halt when her department brings in a new manager, Herman Braddock. It seems that is Herman is belittling Matilda and so her self esteem crumbles. After a few more uncomfortable conversations and encounters with Herman, she talks with her friends and boyfriend, all of who encourage her to go to HR. Unfortunately, this makes the atmosphere between Matilda and Herman even more awkward. How will Matilda handle herself now that Herman is being even more a jerk to her? Who can she confide in since it appears Human Resources can not or will not help her?

Moresi shows readers there are cracks in this fictional corporate workplace just as more and more places of employment are being exposed. With everything that is going on in the world, it is only right to stand together for workplace justice and to eliminate intimidation and harassment.