Andrea reviews NOTHING TO SEE HERE by Kevin Wilson, Harper Collins Publishing, 2019, 254 pages. First of all, I want to thank Sara P. for introducing me to this author from Tennessee. Nothing to see Here is one of the funniest, saddest, most tragic stories I have ever read, as of late. Lillian and Madison were high school best friends. Lillian, being a scholarship student at the elite girls’ prep school Iron Mountain, was always in awe of Madison’s sophisticated, (wealthy,) cultured background. When Madison is found with drugs in their dorm room, her father convinces (bribes) Lillian’s mother to make her take the fall. It didn’t matter Lillian was a promising athlete. Being kicked out of school was the beginning of the end of Madison’s hopes and dreams. Even though Madison completely betrayed Lillian, Lillian continues to correspond with Madison and read about her in the society pages. She even jumps at the opportunity to help Madison even all these years later. Madison has married Tennessee Senator Jasper Roberts and needs someone to take care of her stepchildren, 10 year-old twins, Bessie and Roland. Lillian is at first hesitant because she honestly does not like children. When Madison reveals the twins are “fire children,’ Lillian is frightened out of her wits. Especially when the more volatile Bessie actually set herself ablaze. Jasper always blamed his late wife/their mother, Jane, and her genetics to the point she committed suicide. Being in the public eye, Jasper thought it was best to isolate the twins for most of their lives. This where Lillian comes in to take over as their governess. Realizing she could help Bessie and Roland and their fiery temperaments, Lillian takes the assignment. Yes, there are mishaps between them just like it is with any children and adults but their antics are for the most part laugh out loud hilarious. I especially loved the part when they borrowed books about famous Tennesseans from the public library.

This is an enjoyable book that anyone from Tennessee will love. Take that back, everyone will enjoy this very bizarre and touching story