Sharon reviews Rayne & Delilah’s Midnite Matinee by Jeff Zenter, Crown Books, 2019,  400 pages

Josie and Delia are best friends.  They share everything, including a love for old, bad, monster movies.  Every Friday night, they host a show on local TV, complete with costumes, cheap props and skeletons dancing badlyBut they love it.  They even sometimes include puppets reading the mail and once hosted a basset hound wedding.  Anything to add to the fun.  Things may change soon, though.  Senior year is almost over.  Josie may leave Jackson for college in Martin or Knoxville.  That would leave Delia alone.  

Josie dreams of being on TV, real TV.  To do that, Josie will need a degree in broadcasting or journalism, and possibly an internshipDelia dreams of finding her father.  Delia’s father left years ago, but liked watching the old, classic horror movies.  Delia hopes that somehow her father will see their show and want to come back to her.

 Josie is nervous about leaving, Delia is dreading being left behind- again.  But for now, the best friends are trying to enjoy all their time together and not stress too much about the future.  Who knows what could happen?  Anything is possible.

This book is set in Jackson, TN, and author  Jeff Zenter lives in Nashville, TN.