Andrea reviews THE BOY FROM THE WOODS by Harlan Coben,  Grand Central Publishing, 2020, 371 pages.

You know what it’s like to know one of your favorite authors is coming out another book and you can’t wait to read it? You figure the hold list is going to be mighty but you’ll wait because this is your favorite author and their books are always amazing. The day comes where you hold the book in your hands and cannot wait to tear into the pages? (Come on, timeclock!) Then you stay up all night to finish this great author’s latest work and you are…

Disappointed?! How is that possible- this is one of your favorite authors, and usually, he’s so much more.

Harlan Coben is one of my favorite writers but THE BOY FROM THE WOODS did not reach Coben’s usual high standards. The main character, Wilde, was likeable enough and readers will even pity Naomi Pine’s being bullied. But the plot that brings Wilde into being one of Naomi’s champions after a tip she went missing, well, it’s a little farfetched.

I see Coben’s bringing Wilde around in future books. I actually would like to read more about this man-child who has no recollection of his past nor he does know why he was abandoned in the woods. Wilde is intriguing enough. I also enjoyed the “Easter eggs” Coben strategically left in his latest novel. Being a die-hard fan, I spotted the few he hid.

This latest novel had potential, but I am sorry, it just fell flat. Better luck next time.