Andrea reviews THE END OF HER by Shari LaPena, Penguin Random House, 2020.

This book is about the devil. No, not a cartoon version where he is in a red suit with horns and carrying a pitchfork as he tempts you, sitting on your shoulder opposite of the angel. I mean, another devil by the name of Erica Voss.

Beautiful, seductive, and sociopathic, Erica will go to any means necessary to get what she wants from whomever she wants. She once conned the couple who adopted her infant son for $200, 000 so she would stay away from the baby. She told them they could see the money as extra insurance. For the most part, Erica kept her word until she got greedy again and flew across the country to snap pictures of Devin without parental consent.

Erica’s taking the pictures made her want to look up how Devin’s so-called biological father, Patrick, is faring with his new wife and twin girls. After all, it was such a travesty when his first wife and unborn child died from carbon monoxide poisoning. And, of course, Erica was just as devastated when his wife died because she was her best friend, and since Erica is the devil, it doesn’t matter she was sleeping with Patrick.

Since her funds are depleted, Erica decides it is time to check in on Patrick all the way in the suburbs of New York to tell him she knows the Colorado deaths were NOT accidents. Erica knows Patrick was the sole beneficiary. Maybe Erica will arouse some suspicion in Stephanie, also, because Erica does have her best interest at heart, right?

Unfortunately, Patrick and Stephanie are not the only ones Erica wants to destroy. This woman is pure evil, remember, and she does not discriminate!

With raw emotions only sleep-deprived parents can relate to and legal suspense that keeps the pages turning, Shari LaPena’s THE END OF HER should be your next thriller, just in time for Halloween!