A Halloween Alternate Reality Game

Quiz Number 1


Each of the three questions or prompts below leads you to a single item within DIG Memphis.

  • When you find the correct object in the archive, click the title of the item to be taken to the Item Description page.
  • Review the metadata found under the Item/Object Description section. Copy the unique “Digital Identifier” and enter it into the corresponding answer field below.
  • If the answer is correct, you will unlock the next question. Once you’ve answered all the questions and submitted the secret passcode you’ll be able to adavance to the next episode!
  • Good luck!

Below is an example of where to locate the Digital Identifier on each item in DIG Memphis.

The Ghost of Cossitt: Quiz 1
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Item 1.

The dedication of Cossitt Library on April 12, 1893, drew thousands to the steps of the new building on the corner of Front St. and Monroe Ave. Speaking at the ceremony, Rev. F. P. Davenport referred to the library as “the people’s univeristy”, explaining that, “what the great universities do for a few, the public library does for the many.”

Using the timeline on the Cossitt Library History page or searching the digital archive, will lead you to a 1973 pamphlet covering the events of that day in 1893.

What is the Digital Identifier for that historic pamphlet?

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