Meet the Candidates 2024-03-05

Informed Voter – Meet the Candidates

Tuesday March 5 Presidential Preference Primary and County Primary Election

For this election, you select either a Republican or Democratic ballot. You can then vote for the two offices that are having primaries, which are President and General Sessions Court Clerk.

The objective of this Meet the Candidates page is to provide links to official campaign websites that hold details about the candidate (donation only sites not posted) and campaign Facebook pages so that voters can begin to research their options. If we are missing one, please let us know!

The Shelby County Election site has all of the information for registration, district info, early voting, and more. Visit their page for more details.

Democratic Ballot – President

Joe Biden

Democratic Ballot – General Sessions Court Clerk

Rheunte E. Benson

Joe Brown

Shelandra Yvette Ford

Tami Sawyer

Republican Ballot – President

Ryan Binkley

  • Dropped Out

Chris Christie

  • Dropped Out

Ron DeSantis

  • Dropped Out

Nikki Haley

Asa Hutchison

  • Dropped Out

Vivek Ramaswamy

  • Dropped Out

David Stuckenberg

Donald Trump

Republic Ballot – General Sessions Court Clerk

Lisa Arnold