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Gardening Programs with Booker T. Leigh

(Multiple Branches)
Join us as Mr. Leigh provides horticulture information to the general public. 

Seed Library

Benjamin L. Hooks Central Library (3rd floor)
The Seed Library functions as a free exchange of seed packets for the Memphis community and is located on the 3rd floor of Central Library. A former card catalog now houses seeds of all kinds, including vegetables, flowers, and herbs. Take what you need, and after your harvest (if possible), donate seeds from your yield.  

Urban Garden

Officer Geoffrey Redd Library
Located in front of the Officer Geoffrey Redd Library, this Urban Garden and Garden Club proves that if you can grow a garden on Poplar Ave., you can grow one anywhere!

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Linc/2-1-1 community information

Browse LINC/2-1-1’s Community Database for various local gardening services including gardening clubs, community gardens, and more.

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Find millions of articles on the practical and scientific aspects of horticulture studies. For all horticultural enthusiasts.


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