MEMPHIS READS- My Five Husbands (and the Ones Who Got Away) by Rue McClanahan

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My First Five Husbands… and the Ones Who Got Away by Rue McClananhan, Broadway Books 2007,

Hi, my name is Andrea, and I am addicted to the GOLDEN GIRLS.

I know for a fact I am not alone here. Whether people admit it or not, the show is (almost) everyone’s guilty pleasure. (Almost) everybody can identify with one of the famous foursome.

When I saw that Rue McClanahan had written her memoir, I knew this would be a fun read and boy was I ever right!  Filled with stories from Eddi-Rue’s childhood and her struggle to become a well-known celebrity are all entertaining, especially if you can hear “Blanche Devereux” reading the book to you.

Eddi-Rue McClanahan was born to two loving parents February 21, 1934. Her mother always saw star potential in little Eddi-Rue and encouraged to take all kinds of dance and acting lessons. Because of her mother’s loving push, Eddi-Rue traveled all over the states taking parts in plays, movies, and television shows.

Along the way, she met a lot of men and fell in love with a lot of them. A lot of the men fell in love with Rue, as she went by for most of her professional career. And,  yes, she did marry five times, but unfortunately, she married a lot of snakes.  It wasn’t until the actress who was most famous for being sexy Blanche in the hit series, THE GOLDEN GIRLS. did she meet the right guy. The whole time I was reading this hilarious autobiography, I kept thinking there could not have been a better suited actress for Blanche even though she and Betty White were originally to be cast opposite roles. (Hmmm, Betty White as Blanche? Rue McClahanan as Rose? )

This is hilarious read with plenty of joie di vivre! Not that would you expect anything less.

Reviewed by Andrea K.