Memphis Reads – Roby Reviews: The Ultimate Betrayal

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Johnnie reviews The Ultimate Betrayal by Kimberla Lawson Roby (Grand Central Publishing, 2015)
The Ultimate Betrayal is another drama in the Reverend Curtis Black series. More specifically, it is soap opera about the life of Alicia Black, the daughter of Reverend Curtis Black.

Four years earlier, Alicia married Phillips Sullivan, a good man and husband. However, Alicia messed up the marriage by engaging in a two-way love affair with Levi Cunningham, a drug dealer and thug. Four years later, after much prayer, Phillips decided to forgive Alicia and take her back. In the meantime, Alicia finds herself back in the arms of Levi who has convinced her that he is a different man. As Alicia goes through her self-inflicted problems, she learns that her friend, Melanie, is also dealing with her own drama.

Melanie is dealing with weight issues as well as problems with her husband, Brad. Because Alicia and Melanie are dealing with a number of personal issues, they find themselves turning on each other like enemies in World War III.

Will Alicia find true love in the arms of her husband or another man? Will Melanie come to grips with her weight problems? What surprises are yet to be revealed in the lives of Alicia, Phillips, Levi, Melanie, and Brad?

For first time readers of the Reverend Black series, this book will be a blast. For veteran readers of the series, this book will not disappoint.

Johnnie Mosley, North Branch Library