Memphis Reads- THE FOUNDING OF MEMPHIS, 1818-1820 by James E. Roper

Marilyn reviews THE FOUNDING OF MEMPHIS, 1818-1820 by James E. Roper.

Our city of Memphis will be celebrating our Bicentennial in May 2019 so some might find this book fascinating. The city was actually planned whereas most cities had been developed around two roads crossing or even because of an existing railroad. Future president Andrew Jackson as well as developers John Overton and James Winchester were the men who actually got Memphis established on the map. Author James Roper dispels many myths and rumors about the founding of Memphis in his historical accounts, and by doing so, Memphis natives can appreciate our city’s richly historic downtown area. Readers will also be introduced to the cast of characters as Roper refers to the historical figures. Some major characters include the Chickasaw tribe, the aforementioned Andrew Jackson and James Winchester, as well as a surveyor and future resident, William Lawrence. Each of these people played a valuable part in Memphis ‘rising development. Readers will also learn about 16th-century exploration around the Mississippi River in western Tennessee and the northern part of the state of Mississippi

I would say this book by James Roper is a must read if you are researching the founding, planning, and establishing the city of Memphis. The Founding of Memphis can be found in the History Department, the Memphis and Shelby Room at Central Library, as well as other branch locations.