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Memphis’ ‘Best Kept Secret’ is Recognized on a National Level - Written and Photographed by Kendrea CollinsOctober 27, 2021 On a balmy Tuesday morning the second floor of the Benjamin L. Hooks Library elicits a quiet murmur- slight chatter from library patrons lingers through the stacks while staff casually go about their duties reshelving and assisting curious guests with even curiouser queries. Tucked into a far […]
MEMPHIS READS: AND THE PEOPLE STAYED HOME - Andrea reviews And the People Stayed Home by Kitty O’Meara. Tra Publishing, 2020. 9781734761788. 32pp. This picture book started out as a poem the author penned about the world pandemic. O’Meara’s words quickly drew acclaim and words of praise by dignitaries, world leaders, politicians and celebrities. It’s obvious why so people- adults and children- are reading and […]
MEMPHIS READS: THE WONDER BOY OF WHISTLE STOP - Hollye reviews The Wonder Boy of Whistle Stop by Fannie Flagg, Random House Publishing, 2020, 285 pages Do you remember Ruth and Idgie from Fannie Flagg’s novel, Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe?  This newest book is about Bud Threadgoode from Whistlestop, Alabama. He is Ruth’s son which makes him also Idgie’s nephew.  […]
Memphis Reads: DOLLY PARTON: SONGTELLER, MY LIFE IN LYRICS - Andrea reviews DOLLY PARTON, SONGTELLER:  My Life in Lyrics by Dolly Parton, Chronicle Books, 2020, ISBN 978-1-7972-0509-0, 380 pages Anyone who knows me knows that Dolly Rebecca Parton is my favorite person in the world. She is an excellent singer/songwriter, a savvy businesswoman, a cherished family member, and much more. I am rarely quiet but I do […]
MEMPHIS READS: FIRE LOVER by Joseph Wambaugh - Marilyn reviews Fire Lover: A True Story  by Joseph Wambaugh, William Morrow Publishing, 2002. The author has written a page turner about a real life arsonist. Not just any arsonist, but one who is exceptionally sly and crafty.  For several years, California was plagued by mysterious fires that were both in retail areas and in the […]
Memphis Reads: WHO ELSE CAN LOVE YOU? by DWIGHT E. KOBAR - Andrea reviews WHO ELSE CAN LOVE YOU? by Dwight E. Kobar, BookBaby Publishers, 2020, 40 pages. This is a sweet children’s book that conveys a strong message. The author reminds his readers it is recommended for adults to stay in touch with our inner children. When we are able to do this more openly, we […]