Youth Action Council

Your Library, Your Way!  

Important Dates: 

Do you have a teen that wants to get involved? Our Youth Action Council Spring 2024 recruitment begins on January 5. We are looking for youth ages 13-18 who attend South, Cordova, and Parkway Village branches. Youth Action Council members can suggest and implement Memphis Public Libraries policies, community issues, collection development, and library resources and will be compensated for their participation.

Join the Youth Action Councils, a group of leaders creating spaces in neighborhood libraries for youth that are fun and welcoming. Impact your community differently by building creative activities and resources that help youth find and express their passions.  

Let’s Grow together! 
Let’s Dream Bigger!
Let’s Take Action! 


  • Regularly attend meetings with Youth Action Council Library Representative/s where youth can collaborate to create and execute fun and engaging programs for youth ages-13-18.
  • Have a voice in suggesting and implementing Memphis Public Libraries policies, community issues, collection development and library resources.  
  • Advocate for youth voice by having active discussions with local organizations and community members on how to best serve youth through their policies, programs, and more
  • Build community with Youth Action Council reps across the library system through attending orientation and a Culminating event where youth present on what they did at each branch throughout the program.  
  • Participate in branch and systemwide library initiatives and programs.  
  • Be compensated for your time through a stipend for active participation in this program. 
  • In-person meetings that are required in branch with Youth Action Council rep. to help plan and implement programs. Youth decide how many programs and what projects to do.  
  • In-person meetings with Youth Action Council rep where department or library reps are in attendance.  Or youth attend meetings that youth are invited into if their schedule permits. Youth engages in active discussions.
  • Youth can be invited by local organizations through branch rep for youth discussions. Youth can attend if schedule permits.
  • Attend orientation with parent and culminating event and participate in all scheduled events during both programs. Put together all programs/projects they accomplished and present to youth system wide and library reps.  
  • Monthly, youth need to have 10 hours dedicated to programming. This includes meeting times and programs they facilitate.  
  • Paid with check that must be cashed or deposited within 30 business days.  
  • Attending bi-monthly meetings with Youth Action Council Rep/s for planning of programs. Meetings will be One and a half hour meetings that are mandatory. 3 hours a month. Meetings will be in person.
  • Attending bi-monthly meetings or be invited to other department meetings and attend if time in their schedule permits.  
  • Attending bi-monthly meetings or be invited to other organization meetings and attend if time in their schedule permits. 
  • Attend mandatory Orientation to be held in November. Attend mandatory end of year culminating event, to be held at end of April to beginning of May.
  • Attend programs and engage in system wide initiatives when time permits. Mandatory 10 hours dedicated to this.  
  • Pay schedule TBD 


Current application period opens January 5, 2024:

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Can you commit to all of the required guidelines for this program? Please review the guidelines stated above for all information on what is required for this program.