Informed Voter – Registration and Where to Vote

Informed Voter

Voter Registration and Where to Vote

am I already registered?

The Tennessee Secretary of State offers this registration lookup.

Online Registration

If you have a Tennessee State ID or Driver’s License issued by the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security, then the Tennessee Secretary of State now offers the option to register to vote online. You can use this form to update your registration as well.

Paper Registration

The Shelby County Election Commission “Register to Vote” page provides a printable registration form and instruction on where to hand deliver or mail.

You may also register at any Memphis Public Libraries location and we will deliver to the Shelby County Election Commission.

photo id

Photo ID is now required when visiting the polls to vote. These two pages provide a wealth of information on how to obtain a valid Photo ID:

where to vote

Once you’re registered, use Voter Lookup provided by the Tennessee Secretary of State. Once you enter your address, it will display your voting location.

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