Informed Voter – Memphis City Council

Informed Voter

Memphis City Council

The legislative branch of the City of Memphis is the City Council. The entire city is split into 7 districts, with 1 member per district. The entire city is also divided into 2 super districts, with 3 members per super district. Therefore, each citizen votes for 4 city council members. In total, there are 13 council members (7 regular districts and 3 for each of the 2 super districts).


The Shelby County Election Commission has a Precinct Locator that provides information for various entities. Once you enter your address, you can find your two City Council districts. Once you have your district numbers, visit the City Council page to find your City Council members.

area served

Once you have your City Council district number and your City Council Super District number, the Shelby County Election Commission provides a map of the City Council Districts 1-7 and a map of the 2 Super Districts on their Maps page.

term limits

Each council member serves a 4 year term with a two term limit.

next election

All City Council seats are up for election in October 2027.