Darnell reviews Memory Man by David Baldacci (Grand Central Publishing, 2015.)

I must say Memory Man was quite the experience for me.  This was a very interesting read because even though there were several different parts going in different directions, it still rooted back to the original story line.  The book got off to a steady start and stayed there throughout a good portion of the story.

This particular book is a great start to the Amos Decker series in case you were looking for a new series to begin reading.

The story takes place in a small town of Burlington, Ohio where hard times seem to really hit this place like a ton of bricks.  One of the people who seem to have been hit harder than most is former detective Amos Decker after losing his brother-in-law, wife, AND daughter in what seems to be a random act of violence.  A new development is made months later after a man walks into the precinct where Decker once worked and confessed to the triple homicide.  Things continue to exasperate after the town is hit with an unfortunate, cringe-worthy event.

Throughout all of the struggles and frustration, readers begin to see strong character developments with some of the main characters in the story.  My personal favorite development was Alexandria (Alex) Jamison because of her resiliency to find the truth just like Decker.  As always, Baldacci’s writing in this story definitely stayed strong all the way through despite some of the different paths it began to take.  If you choose to read this book, try and take a note from Decker and do not forget any of the other developing stories mentioned or you might just miss something.