Memphis Reads – Rainbow Cottage by Grace Livingston Hill

Staff Book Reviews

Marilyn reviews RAINBOW COTTAGE by Grace Livingston Hill (J.B. Lippincott Company, 1934)

In this novel by legendary author, Grace Livingston Hill, the story revolves around Sheila. Unfortunately, our main character is facing danger. Sheila has encountered a man who has threatened her because he wants something that was only entrusted to her. Sheila needs a way to escape from this man but she thinks there is no one who can help her. Reaching out to a grandmother she has never met, because Sheila’s own mother was a poor Western and the “black sheep” of the family, Grandmother sends a train for Sheila. She will be taken to Rainbow Cottage but will Sheila find acceptance and safety there? As the story progresses, Ms. Hill weaves a tale of love and forgiveness.

I found this book a pleasure to read of the believable characters and realistic emotions the author created. Grace Livingston Hill wrote over 100 novels during her lifetime. The Rainbow Cottage was actually written toward the end of her life, but is one of the most well-known books she has written.

Marilyn U., Staff