Hollye reviews Save the Date by Mary Kay Andrews, St. Martin’s Press, 2014, 400 pages.

Cara Kryzik does not believe in love even though she makes beautiful flower arrangements for weddings in Savannah, Georgia.  She owes money to her father, and her floral business is in trouble.  She is about to land the wedding of the year.  She will make so much money that all of her troubles will go away.

But then the bride runs away, and nobody can find her.  Next, Cara’s best friend/ assistant leaves her for the rival florist, and  of course, her father is demanding all of his money that he loaned her to be paid back- in full.  Finally, to top it all off, the man that she is dating does not live up to what she believes. What is she to do to fix her mess of a life?

Like all of Mary Kay Andrew’s books; this book is filled with humor, love, and family.  I would suggest this book to anyone who likes an easy read filled with fun characters that you feel could be your close friends the further you read. I would like to live in Savannah and be friends with these characters.