MEMPHIS READS: Titles for Halloween

During this Halloween season, a lot of people want to read scary stories and terrifying tales. The following list is from time. Feel free to refer to this list for your next thrilling tale or spooky story.

10)  Turn of the Screw- Henry James- 1898

9)  ‘Salem’s Lot-  Stephen King- 1975

8)  Shining- Stephen King- 1977

7)  N0S4A2- Joe Hill- 2013

6)  House of Leaves-  Mark Z. Danielewski- 2000

5)  Frankenstein by Mary Shelley- 1878

4)  Exorcist- William Peter Blatty- 1971

3)  Let the Right one In- John Ajvide Lindqvist- 2004

2)  It- Stephen King- 1986

And the scariest novel of all time, according to is…

 1)  Haunting of Hill House-  Shirley Jackson- 1959