Shelby County seeks a Community Services Assistant

Position Summary
Works under general supervision within the CSBG/CEAP and LIHEAP sections of Community Services Agency to assist clients and performs specialized duties, which include organizing, analyzing, and processing rental/mortgage and utility assistance applications.

Salary Commensurate with Experience and Education

Minimum Qualifications
1. Four (4) years of experience in an administrative capacity performing counseling, interviewing, or other related duties and high school diploma or possess a GED; OR

2. Two (2) years of experience in an administrative capacity performing counseling, interviewing, or other related duties and two (2) years of college study (60 semester hours or 72 quarters) from an accredited college or university.


Duties and Responsibilities
1. Conducts initial interviews with CEAP and LIHEAP customer and process/enter pertinent data into appropriate databases for processing assistance applications.

2. Utilizes MLGW Citrix and DHS ACCENT application programs.

3. Assists customers by answering questions via telephone or in person concerning CEAP and LIHEAP department policies, procedures and work functions.

4. Prepares customer files and individual case histories.

5. Receives, reviews and process documents as required for accuracy and/or conformance with established policies and procedures.

6. Provides information, support, and counseling necessary to assist customers in meeting program guidelines and requirements.

7. Arranges referrals and follow-up interviews, as needed.

8. Collects data for needs assessment and eligibility documentation.

9. Resolves customer complaints, both internally and externally, related to program department policies and procedures.

10. Assists individuals/families with special need by networking with various agencies, social service agencies and referrals

11. Attends meeting and training sessions as required.

12. Maintains/operates the appointment hotline(s), as required.

13. Performs other related duties as required or directed.

1. Knowledge of methods and techniques of counseling and application intake.

2. Knowledge of laws, ordinances, rules, and regulations affecting the recordkeeping operations of a department and skill in applying.

3. Ability to establish and maintain meaningful rapport with clients.

4. Ability to write meaningful reports.

5. Ability to gather and interpret case histories.

6. Ability to communicate orally and in writing.

7. Ability to perform multiple tasks simultaneously.

Special Requirements
1. Must possess a valid Tennessee driver’s license or secure one by date of employment.

2. Must have access to an operable automobile and meet County requirements for automobile insurance upon date of employment.

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