Finch-Henry Job Corps Center seeks a CPP Instructor


Teaches the basic principles and concepts of vocational skills to students. Ensures rigor and relevance of subjects taught. Collaborates with academic instructors in the delivery of applied academics.


Experience: Minimum of one to two years related experience in education

Education: Bachelor’s degree in education or related field from a four-year college or university and/or equivalent combination of education and experience.

Days/Hours: Monday – Friday; 7:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Job Description:

· Teaches the basic principles and concepts of vocational skills to students.

· Maintains a high degree of discipline within classroom setting in order to ensure maximum learning.

· Works with academic instructors in coordinating curriculum development and delivering applied academics.

· Uses all possible curricular resources available on Center.

· Ensures adequate classroom preparation.

· Ensures proper maintenance of student personal folders, recording personal data, including test scores, evaluations, attendance, incident reports, achievement awards and any other pertinent information concerning students, and at least weekly updates of TARS.

· Records and forwards daily attendance to the Records Department.

· Assists in the completion of students’ resume.

· Maintains building and equipment and ensures proper measures are taken for the care of equipment and supplies.

· Performs driving responsibilities and monitoring activities when needed.

· Endeavors to promote a positive and desirable atmosphere within the classroom setting to ensure maximum student motivation and participation.

· Establishes a high degree of student/instructor rapport.

· Participates in student performance evaluations as required or requested.

· Provides regular feedback to students regarding appropriate employability skills.

· Follows CDSS plan and Code of Conduct system daily.

· Maintains good housekeeping in all areas and complies with safety practices.

· Complies with all DOL guidelines, OFCCP regulations, Job Corps notices and bulletins, and Center policies and procedures.

· Models, mentors, monitors appropriate Career Success Standards.

· Continuously helps students become more employable.

Interested applicants may forward a resume and appropriate credentials to:

Finch-Henry Job Corps Center

Attn: Human Resources

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