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The Memphis Public Library’s Free Saturday Legal Clinic provides an opportunity for individuals with a legal question or problem to talk face to face with an attorney in order to get quick advice.   **(This does not mean that the attorney will take your case or represent you in court.)

This would be a good opportunity for someone to get an Advance Care Plan and Appointment of Health Care Agent Form.

3030 Poplar Avenue, Memphis, TN 38111
First Floor – Meeting Rooms A, B, & C
10:00 AM – NOON
For more information call (901) 415-2734.

2024 Free Saturday Legal Clinic Dates:

2nd Saturday: JAN 13, FEB 10, MAR 9, APR 13 (on 3rd floor), MAY 11, JUN 8, JUL 13, AUG 10, SEPT 14, OCT 12, NOV 9, DEC 14

Capacity is limited and assistance is not guaranteed.

Participating Organizations
Memphis Bar Association
Memphis Area Legal Services

2024 Memphis Fair Housing Center: Free Legal Advice Clinic:

Memphis Fair Housing Center, a division of Memphis Area Legal Services, will hold a free legal advice clinic addressing housing questions. Bring your rental rights and fair housing related questions and receive free legal advice from a licensed fair housing attorney. For more information, call Memphis Fair Housing Center at (901) 432-4663. The clinic will be held at the Central Library, 3rd Floor Study Room #1, from 3:00 – 5:00 PM on the following dates:

January – November: 3rd Tuesday of each month.

2024 MALS Elder Law: Family Law Legal Clinic for Seniors (60+):

An attorney with Memphis Area Legal Services will present an Elder Law Legal Education Session followed by a Q&A session. Topics may include Estate Planning, Elder Abuse, Nursing Home Care, Social Security, Conservatorship, Eviction Prevention, Rent Disputes and more. This is an opportunity for seniors in the community to hear from an attorney regarding relevant legal matters. For more information, call Memphis Area Legal Services at (901) 523-8822. The clinic will be held at the Central Library, Lobby Meeting Room A, from 10:00 AM – Noon on the following dates:

Thursdays: JAN 25, FEB 22, MAR 28, APR 25, MAY 23, JUN 27, JUL 25, AUG 22, SEPT 26, OCT 17

2024 MALS Pro Se Divorce Clinic:

These clinics are aimed at low-income couples who wish to pursue a divorce without the expense of retaining an attorney. These workshops provide individuals with information and materials necessary to file a pro se (Latin term meaning “for self”) divorce in court. Memphis Area Legal Services staff provide forms needed to file and complete an uncontested no–asset divorce. They will assist in completing the forms, answer questions and give information about the legal issues and procedures involved.  Click here to learn whether you qualify for participation in this workshop.  Please contact MALS at (901) 523-8822 to be screened for participation. The clinics will be held at the Central Library from 10:00 AM – Noon in Meeting Room C on the following dates:

Thursdays FEB 1, MAR 7, MAY 2, JUN 6, AUG 1, SEPT 5, OCT 17

2024 MALS Domestic Violence Clinic:

Domestic violence is a pattern of abusive and/or coercive behavior used to gain or keep power and control of another person. It can include legal and illegal acts that undermine the victim’s sense of safety, self, and free will. Domestic violence includes intimate partner abuse, elder abuse, and child abuse. Memphis Area Legal Services hosts a Domestic Violence clinic that addresses these types of issues to help victims understand their rights and to answer their questions. The clinics will be held at the Central Library from 10:00 AM – Noon in Meeting Room C on the following dates:

Fridays: FEB 9, MAR 8, APR 12, MAY 10, JUL 12, AUG 9, SEPT 13, OCT 11

2024 MALS Family Centered Legal Solutions Clinic:

MALS, through the Tennessee Alliance for Legal Services, presents a new grant partnership with the Tennessee Department of Human Services to provide more access to free, civil legal services for families and children throughout Tennessee.

Family Centered Legal Solutions (FCLS) will help identify and address the core legal issues that often lead to poverty and family instability.

Families with children can access the FCLS’s free legal services by either calling the helpline at 1-844-HELP4TN or contacting Memphis Area Legal Services, Inc. at 901-523-8822, ext. 427.

Thursdays: MAR 21, APR 18, MAY 16, JUN 20, JUL 18

To see more free legal clinics offered in West Tennessee, please click HERE. Please call to verify.